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Paddy Mayne
14th May 2010, 13:51
This question goes out to the Transport buffs :)

I briefly saw two heavy military trucks heading North Bound on the M50 earlier,
The rear one was a recent Scania Drops unit but the vehicle in front appeared to be a Mercedes Tractor unit towing a Long trailer (if I'm not mistaken).
Both were carrying what appeared to be Heavy civi coloured Plant Machinary.

My question is about the Mercedes Tractor unit, it looked relatively new, I didnt catch the reg No. but it was the usual green color with a large shiney Merc badge on the grill.
I wonder was a new Tractor unit purchased over the last while to replace the older DAF's and Renaults innthe form of this Merc??

Its interesting to note the Daf 85 was sitting on the Square of the Brugha this week with the Dennison Trailer attached. I havent seen these tractor units being used much lately and wonder are these vehicles not getting a little old now??

16th May 2010, 00:46
Are you sure it wasn't the Mercedes Actros?

Its been around for a while. I don't know of any recent purchases.

Also the Lowloaders are used as Bde recovery.

Not much else for them to do so most of the time I suppose they just sit around.

Paddy Mayne
16th May 2010, 10:13
Im pretty sure she was a tractor unit, it's cab was notably bigger than the scania behind it too & she was carrying a massive plant machinary thing. A little too big a load for an Actros I'd imagine..

Paddy Mayne
16th May 2010, 15:09
..having a closer look at the Army Actros today, I'm having a second thought now sorry.. :rolleyes:

16th May 2010, 23:34
i meant the merc actros 3 axle tractor unit drawing a 2 axle flat bed semi-trailer