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11th October 2003, 23:32
The Turk was asleep to-day, at about 13.00 [not lazy, between shifts] when he was woken by a noisy throb, I quickly fell to the window, and seen a Bell UH-1['Huey' to those of us who watched Tour of duty, Platoon, ect, ect.]
Said vehicle did land about 1/2 to 3/4 of a kilck south of Turkey Towers, taking off about 40 mins later.
Was Turkey dreaming?.... time will tell, when we see the scabby shot trapped within Turkey's ageing Nikon................

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Goldie fish
11th October 2003, 23:36
There are a few 212s on the irish reg..look and sound a lot like the Huey

12th October 2003, 00:28
Hmmmmm!:cool: true
Anyone else see it?????

12th October 2003, 01:29
There is a Bell204 about too, as was seen flying the relics of St. Therese about a couple of years back.

12th October 2003, 09:31
Saw a nice black one with tinted windows last Friday (didn't think of catchin the reg till afterwards). It was flyin quite low and parrallel with the Lucan road, just off the M50 roundabout beside Liffy valley... it looked quite cool.
But I remember thinking that it could be dangerous flying so low to a dual carrageway giving the average Irish drivers tendency to rubber neck

12th October 2003, 10:30
Whats the difference between the miltary H-1s and the 204/205/212?

12th October 2003, 13:35
Apart from electronics differences etc between military and civilian airframes:

Bell 204 = UH1B

Bell 205 = UH1D

Bell 212 - UH1N

12th October 2003, 18:54
Hi Guys,

I think this is the Huey you guys are talking about:




12th October 2003, 19:17
Not sure Frank.... The black whirly bird I saw was longer with a pointier nose. Pilot was a bit of a show man flying that low and slow beside a dualer, and I think it may have been the last week in September...

But I could be wrong.................

13th October 2003, 19:49
i reckon this huey is the one owned by the guy who lived on howth hill . it was an N reg and painted red and white . i had a close up look at it one day when it landed near portrane . it had the row of 3 airliner seats that this one appears to have behind the flight crew . the guy who owned it was a chiropractor, and used it to fly to meetings round the country . he usually kept it in his back garden , but i heard he is building a swiming pool at the mo, and so doesnt keep it there .if it is the same bird its a UH-1E , ex marine corps

13th October 2003, 20:25

One went directly over me today at about 400 ft AGL travelling SW from Dublin, Naas Rd area. It was all white, with black reg markings. I have never seen it before. It was close, fast, and was directly above me so I could not get reg.