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25th November 2010, 06:09
The Warthog is a brand new British Army vehicle due to completely replace the Viking in Afghanistan in the next few weeks.

The Warthog is better armoured and offers a number of improvements over the already capable Viking it replaces.

The Second Royal Tank Regiment is the first unit to field an entire troop of Warthogs, which will be used to support operations in Afghanistan.


you can watch the video about Warthogs deployment here:

www.army.mod.uk/warthog_afghanistan (http://www.bfbs.com/news/afghanistan/new-warthog-vehicle-used-afghanistan-41522.html)

nice to see more good vehicles coming into service.

25th November 2010, 07:01
Ah yes the Bronco ATV (with bits added by BAe)

Commencing in 1994, Timoney was contracted by Singapore Technologies Kinetics to develop the power pack and drive train for the Bronco Attc. The system includes front and rear axles, an integrated transfer box and the track system final drive units.

Timoney has been the sole supplier of these components since the vehicle entered series production in 1999 following a contract award from the Singapore Defence Forces.

Timoney is an Irish company

25th November 2010, 14:34
Ah yes the Bronco ATV (with bits added by BAe)

Timoney is an Irish company

nice one, i wonder if the Irishmen making / designing it knew it would end up in the hands of British Soldiers in Afghanistan?

anyhow it appears to be good kit and is a credit to Timoney and whoever else is involved. i hope it serves us well.