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Goldie fish
4th May 2011, 19:19

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4th May 2011, 19:55
While our Navy fleet is one of the smallest in the EU with 8 ships, it is responsible for one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones in Europe. The fleet is responsible for defence of the State, but it also provides fishery protection and patrols some 132, 000 square miles off our coast, almost four times the land mass of Ireland. This is approximately 15% of Europe’s fisheries. The ships also play a pivotal role in Ireland’s fight against drugs, as part of the Joint Task Force. The Naval Service was involved in preventing nearly €1.6 billion worth of drugs coming into the country in the last four years.

Goldie fish
28th June 2012, 20:23
edit: excellent clip removed. Pity.

Niamh leaves CorK in the pea soup.

Goldie fish
14th July 2012, 02:16
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And it's back.