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Goldie fish
11th November 2003, 06:03
Some of you may have noticed the large photos I have recently posted on this section of the board. These and more are available to view on
Goldiefish's Photos (http://myhome.iolfree.ie/~goldiefish/index.htm)

Feel free to visit and comment,but If you are going to use them for another website,ask me first?
Thank you.:-patriot:

Big Al
11th November 2003, 10:50
nice pic's, do you have any names for the ships though?

11th November 2003, 13:00
Very nice site Goldie.

11th November 2003, 13:34
War that the HMS Argus in one photo with the lynx's on her. When was she is Ireland?

Goldie fish
11th November 2003, 15:18
Yes she was in Cobh at the time,early in the summer if I remember rightly. I usually post it on this section if there are naval visits.
Al: I have names for all of them. Which one do you want to know about?

11th November 2003, 22:17

Big Al
12th November 2003, 01:33
what class are the USS Bulkley and USS Vella Gulf? Nice pics btw

Goldie fish
12th November 2003, 03:21
Vella Gulf (CG72) is A Ticonderoga class AEGIS cruiser, While Bulkley(DDG84) is an Arleigh Burke Flight IIa destroyer, which differs from flight I and II by the addition of a twin heli Hangar...strange that the US built a ship initially without such a hangar.
The earlier Ticonderoga class are soon to be retired believe it or not.

12th November 2003, 04:56
I expected to see some security guard running toward the camera, flailing his arms as if trying to push you away. :D

Nice pics.

Goldie fish
12th November 2003, 05:04
I know lots of gardai..I stand next to them when taking my photos..Of US ships anyway..

12th November 2003, 14:03
Goldie I hate to complain but is there a dead link to the RDF photos? can't seem to get them.

12th November 2003, 14:18
yeah goldie cant get near the rdf photos either but all in all some lovely photo's! would like to see more of the especially one's of perhaps the niamh on drydock if you have them................

12th November 2003, 14:50
Any pictures of a peacock in dry dock with the loiter drive deployed? The ERA's on the Ciara showed me one once and it would be useful for explaining what the drive is and how it operates.

Goldie fish
12th November 2003, 15:01
There are no RDF photos yet...I have not caught a Peacock in the dry dock yet. As you can see,sometimes they go to the floating dock,which does not lend itself for photograpy opportunities,but Its on my list..

Goldie fish
12th November 2003, 16:49
I actually intend to use that page for posting photos of IMO board members in future....
As for Niamh...when she was in Cork Dockyard last,when I passed the drydock was full of water....

15th November 2003, 15:54
The uss vesels are a sexy sleek design methinks

15th November 2003, 21:22
hey goldie do you want some nsr photo's

15th November 2003, 21:32
ive ot alot and am willing to let you use them! (just have to check what would be suitable) if you are okay with me using some of your navy pics (irish ones only) for my website if i ever get around to making it!

Goldie fish
15th November 2003, 23:23
Its ok Newby,I am at my limit of webspace(200%) at the moment,and all on that site are taken by me.

22nd November 2003, 06:52
Er...No they are not!!!!

Goldie fish
3rd December 2003, 14:36
Caught one of the Peacocks in the floating dock this morning,photos will be posted before the end of the day.

19th December 2003, 11:00
Good Site Goldie

Goldie fish
17th January 2004, 15:08
Just updating the site at the moment...Have resized the photos so it should open quicker now.
Please let me know about any dead links(apart from the RDF one.....)

Goldie fish
30th August 2004, 12:34
More here


Goldie fish
2nd September 2004, 20:47
I have added a few more Photos of Eithne in Dry Dock,and the New(ish) Customs cutter.


Goldie fish
4th September 2004, 11:42
Originally posted by Sluggie
Any pictures of a peacock in dry dock with the loiter drive deployed? The ERA's on the Ciara showed me one once and it would be useful for explaining what the drive is and how it operates.


Is this what you are looking for?
I think its called a schottel drive...

Goldie fish
15th September 2004, 13:18
Just a sample of some of the Unusual things you see when Eithne is In Refit.


I know there was a gun here last time I looked....

The slow process of removing One of the Variable Pitch propellors,and about 30feet of Prop shaft.

The above mentioned item being taken away to one of the Dockyard sheds.

15th September 2004, 20:15
It must be a fairly indepth refit if they are removing the Bofors turret and propellors. Is it a mid-lift refit of something?

Goldie fish
15th September 2004, 20:20
No. Mid life was a few years ago. Around 99 I think?..not bad going.

13th December 2004, 07:00
Goldie, I see by yours pics that eithne is after changing her crest once again.. she was the pink panter, I'll check tru my photos and see if I can dig one up for you. Any idea when she changed to the lion king..

regards Mack

Goldie fish
13th December 2004, 09:32
I asked this some time ago and never got a satisfactory answer..I remember her with pink panther too..sailors hat and all...

Goldie fish
14th February 2005, 21:45
latest photos can be found below


http://photobucket.com/albums/v248/goldiefish/eithne/ (same photos as above if either site is down)

Goldie fish
6th February 2008, 21:29
It seems that the hosting site I was using(clubphotos) no longer exists. Consequently the images (throughout the site) no longer appear.
Apologies for any inconvenience. I will attempt to move these images to the IMO gallery and correct the links.