View Full Version : Panhard AML 60 - any help gratefully received

23rd June 2011, 21:46

I am restoring a Panhard AML60 here in the uk. I have managed to find two hulls in Spain and have been working on them for over a year now.

I am in desperate need of running gear spares - especially the original aircooled engine and semi auto gear box.

I realise that many of the AMLs have ended up as hard targets - does anyone know what happened to them after they were shot up - they may still have useful parts on them for my resto.

Any leads will be gratefully received and financially rewarded if it results in finding useful spares!



23rd June 2011, 22:14
good luck in your quest Barrimore.

you should get some pics on here of what you are doing, plenty of us would be very interested.

23rd June 2011, 22:53
Firtsly a movie of it at the farm.

Now a few static pictures

23rd June 2011, 23:08
As you can see I need some help!!..I have a second one for spares - this is in a worse condition...

23rd June 2011, 23:25
great pics mate thanks, i admire your enthusiasm for such things.

when you get a moment (in a year or two) could you give us a brief run down on the history of said vehicle?

24th June 2011, 00:20
As far as i know all the aml's in service had the original engines replaced so i'm not sure if you would be able to source spares, then again you never know.