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20th July 2011, 20:33
Irish armoured Lancia

Over the years I have come across some Irish armoured lancia info and photos including a photo of the “Dublin Liz” and rather than just post them I thought I might wright something about them.
Before I knew it I had nearly 3,000 words and 12 photos, some of the info and a couple of the photos have not been seen before and I managed to put dates and locations on some photos that have been doing the rounds for some time.
I laid it out on a blog page because there is just too much text to post on the IMO and it looked all over the place when I tried.
I welcome all comments on the IMO as my blog page is closed to comments.


23rd July 2011, 14:18
very good excellent photos and new stuf. i take it that british pathe film on the works can be dated 3/12/22


page maybe missing teck info and details on the lancia but it is a very good web page

25th July 2011, 12:51
Great Blog, Vintary.
well done.

25th July 2011, 17:19
The Photo of the rail Lancia with a turrett at the the Inchicore railway works appeared in the Sunday Independent 03/12/1922. If you study the Parth video you will see both video and photo were taking at the same time.

25th July 2011, 17:24
Great Blog, Vintary.
well done.

Thanks Pod

30th July 2011, 22:44
Brilliant blog Vintary, really enjoyed, fascinating information.
We take pics and info on the Mowag etc for granted, because theres so much of it available online, in publications, etc, but the early years of the DF are relatively poorly chronicled. Its great to see something as well researched as this.

Again, well done!!

21st August 2011, 10:45
A very good quality Pathe video from 1933 give a couple of seconds showing the Lancia & the Rolls on maneuvers some ware in Ireland.


21st August 2011, 15:41
Interesting blog, and a great find of the newsreel!

22nd August 2011, 00:35
Probably the most well-known images of the Irish civil war.

You would hardly pick up a book or magazine on the subject of the civil war or the vehicles used in the war that had not got an image of this scene. There has even been an excellent 1/35 scale model of OI 9213 built by a member of the IMO (genghismccann).

Two armoured Lancias and an 18pdr field gun at the junction of Henry Street and Sackville (O Connell) Street Dublin July 1922. On the receiving end of the salvos from the 18pdr is the strong hold of the Irregulars known as “the Block”, which included the Gresham hotel, Hamman hotel, Granville hotel, Mackey seeds limited and Tramway house
The Lancia on the left is OI 9173 “Ashtown” and on the right is OI 9213 which carries some chalked graffiti. On the front rad plate is the inscription “for goodness sake aim straight” ?” , on the side is the rather odd inscription roughly written in chalk “we have no time for trucers”, considering how well published this image is, there has been very little if any explanation regarding the graffiti on the side of OI 9213.

James Durney in him book “The civil war in Kildare” gives a brief description of what the chalked inscription “we have no time for trucers” is referred to.

I have added some new information to the blog page which mentions accidents involving Armoured Lancias and a couple of unseen photos.

Could have sworn I have seen the same photos were the word trucers was TRATORS

22nd August 2011, 15:17
It has been misread before as "tucers" and im sure probably "trators" aswell.

I do not think that the close up "side on" photo in post 7 has been seen before.

Here is a another photo of the same scean.

20th December 2011, 22:18
V, if you google Carlow civil war an image comes up of an armoured Lancia called "Handy Andy" pictured at the mil barracks in Carlow c.1923.Have you come across this one before.

21st December 2011, 19:13
Seen that Danno great name for a armoured vehicle,,,

Here is a image of a line of Lancia's at the Inchicore railway works. I got this one off the Dublin forms.ie site. I seen this image before in the magazine "An Cosantoir 1976" with the caption (AL 47-50 1922) although I do not it is 1922.

24th July 2013, 12:02
These are for sale on ebay, they are illustrations/drawings of a armoured Lancia printed onto metal. I have an interest in the armoured Lancia so I’m inclined to gather up a lot of stuff on them.
There quit good and similar to the illustrations in B.T White’s and D. Bishop book’s on WW1 armoured vehicles.
(Just thought someone may be interested)


24th July 2013, 14:16
Very nice, Should someone do a set off all the vehicles from the period it would be a nice collection.

24th July 2013, 15:21
Planes for about 30 boards, all pre 1924 Ireland.

24th July 2013, 17:29

Are you aware of the RUC Museums Lancia?

24th July 2013, 19:00

Are you aware of the RUC Museums Lancia?

I am, There is only one Armoured Lancia around that still has ( all ) it's original armoure and that sits outside a military museum in Rome up on 4 axle stands with cracked tyres and gathering dust in the baking sun. Pity because it would well in the Curragh beside the Rolls and Peerless.

21st October 2013, 21:02
Isn’t it a terrible pity to see this Armoured Lancia rotting away in a Italian military museum in Rome. She is the only surviving Armoured Lancia with its original armour intact. Built in the Inchicore railway works Dublin in 1921 for service with the British military, transferred to RUC in 1922 where she served until the mid 60s.
She would look well in the Curragh beside the Peerless and the Rolls, painted in the Irish colours and looked after. I wonder if the lads in the Curragh museum were to chase it up and maybe give them a ring and say,, AHHHH Go On, Go On, Go On, Go On would they say,,? Sissignore.


21st October 2013, 21:31
she looks to be in about the same condition as a lot of the vehicles/armour I've seen in Bovington etc, I'd hardly say rotting away