View Full Version : WWII Plane crashes in Ireland

Big Al
8th December 2003, 20:36
Someone was looking for info on crashes here during the war, here's a book on it, perhaps it could go into the store?


8th December 2003, 22:45
Oh I thought the newest addition to the Irish Air Corps had crashed.

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9th December 2003, 18:25
There was an interesting report last night on Nationwide, if anyone else saw it? It was about an RAF plane that crashed in the Wicklow Mts near Blessington during the war, the local COI minister held a remembrance service for the 4 airmen every year since until he died in 95.

9th December 2003, 21:47
Theres a guy in waterford called paddy cummins who hase done some brilliant research into the subject.......I actually have seem some of the artifacts from the crashes which were once in the possession of one George Harvey ....ah my mis spent youth..........