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14th December 2003, 15:12


Swiss present Eagle IV vehicle
Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Additional reporting by Christopher F Foss JDW Land Forces Editor

The new Eagle IV 4 x 4 light armoured vehicle was rolled out late last month by MOWAG, a division of General Dynamics' European Land Combat Systems (Jane's Defence Weekly 25 June).

MOWAG has received orders for almost 500 Eagles in the Mk I, II and III versions for home and export markets, all based on the US AM General High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle chassis.

Developed as a private venture, the Eagle IV is based on the new Duro II chassis built in 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 configurations. MOWAG acquired the Duro unit from Bucher Industries in 2002.

The Eagle IV has a gross weight of 7.4 tonnes, comprising a baseline weight of five tonnes and a 2.4 tonne payload.

The vehicle offers a significant increase in payload over the Eagle I/II/III, enabling it to undertake a wider range of roles. For MOWAG, it gives a much higher value content as the chassis complete with power pack does not have to be imported from overseas.

The vehicle is powered by a EURO III-compliant Cummins ISBe 5.9L turbo-diesel engine developing 184kW (250hp), which is coupled to an Allison automatic five-speed transmission. It can reach 120km/h and has an on-road range of 480km.

Cabin protection can be increased from Level 1 to Level 3, while protection against mines can be brought up to Level 2a with the adoption of add-on kits.

The Eagle IV is 5.09m long, 2.16m wide and 2m high. It can carry four troops.

"We strongly count on the synergy between the Eagle IV and the Duro to succeed on the market," Jürg Gygax, MOWAG chief executive officer, told JDW. "We are looking at co-operative production, although the drive train production will be carried out in Switzerland."

The Eagle IV was developed in only 10 months and a second prototype is now being built.

The vehicle will make its first public appearance at the AUSA Winter Symposium and Exhibition at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in March.

14th December 2003, 19:53
Another view of the Eagle IV

15th December 2003, 01:02
It looks like a military version of the H2

16th December 2003, 17:18
The Duro seems to be the way togo for tactical logs vehicles, it would be a supremely logical step to use the same chassis for both soft skin logs vehicles and LTVs.

Goldie fish
16th December 2003, 17:52
The new brit yoke seems practical enough..

16th December 2003, 18:37
The Duro is in the same class as the Pinzgauer but has been selected over it and as a replacement for it by a number of customers.

17th December 2003, 15:54






10th February 2004, 10:08
<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="50%">Military Tactical Vehicle
The MOWAG EAGLE IV is ideally suited as a platform for various tactical mission roles such as reconnaissance, surveillance, command or military police tasks.
It is based on the advanced MOWAG DURO II chassis technology with its patented roll stabilizer and the proven De-Dion axle system. This gives the vehicle an extremely high off- and on-road mobility.






mutter nutter
10th February 2004, 15:44
Just to let you know there is a nice piece in this months military machines international about the DF:)

Bulldog Jr.
12th February 2004, 16:59
Some piece of machinery shown above, would love to see the DF buy them - the Nissian Patrols aren't a patch on these.

Anyone know if thr DF are buying any MOWAG APC's with any weaponary bigger than the .5 HMG ie. 105mm Gun, the AML 90's are getting real old, I know they would exactly be APC's with such a weapon but still im sure we could you some with bigger guns as the AML 90 with the 90mm Gun doesn't have much stopping power in modern day terms.

Bulldog Jr.
12th February 2004, 20:10
MOWAG doesnt just mean APC, on a program called "Modern Warfare" on the sky channels there was a program on the MOWAG's and it showed versions with the .5 HMG as well as 105mm Guns, Anti- Aircraft missiles, communications and medical versions etc. (the DF having bought some of the Medical and communications versions)

Goldie fish
12th February 2004, 20:19
Which Mowag? The Piranha 1,Piranha 2,piranha 3 or Piranha 4?Was it the 4x4 6x6 8x8 or 10x10 version of the Piranha?
Or was it the Mowag Eagle?

Bulldog Jr.
12th February 2004, 20:27
6x6, a Piranha if Im right.

Why? Which are the ones the DF have bought

The Joker
12th February 2004, 20:59
The medical version of the Mowag is very impractical, it takes about 10 minutes to assemble the strecher system! And if I remember right the defib was in a stupid position, like next to the spare tyre.:confused:

Bulldog Jr.
12th February 2004, 22:28
I dont think they bought that many of the medical version anyway!

Sure it says it in the White Paper on Defence that the army needs a veihicle with some serious armour stopping capability.. would a 105mm Mowag not go someway towards this? The White Paper says we need a lot of things but I doubt we'll see them in the forseeable future ie. fighters etc.:(

Goldie fish
12th February 2004, 22:50
Where in the white paper is this mentioned? I dont remember it.

Bulldog Jr.
12th February 2004, 22:53
I cant remember but its in there somewhere? which bit exactly?the amour stopping cappability or fighters? its a while since I looked at it

Goldie fish
12th February 2004, 22:57
"In there somewhere" really isnt good enough. I need facts..not daydreams....:D

Maybe its worth your while having a look throught the older posts? A lot of this discussion has been done to death in the past. I appreciate that you are new to the board,but many of your questions have already been answered.

Use the search option.

Bulldog Jr.
12th February 2004, 23:10
Ok im only getting to grips with the sight as yet!

I cant remember where, it is a very long paper! Ill check on the net tommorrow in college and if I find it ill let you know.

2nd March 2004, 15:17
Apparently the Eagle IV will be cheaper than the Eagle III.