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5th January 2004, 22:34
I Bought that book by Jim Brady before Deirdre was sold so how can it be included in it?? Has it been reprinted with up to date info or something?

Goldie fish
5th January 2004, 22:44
Yes,reprinted in 2002. Lots of extra notes on what has happened since 96 when the book was originally printed,including the misuse of Eithne...

6th January 2004, 15:59
Is Bradys revised issue of his book any good. The original degenerated into a seris of attacks on senior officers which had no place in light hearted autobiography.

Brady was always the cribber who was writing in to the papers about the state of the service and turning up everytime a NS vessel tied up in Dublin to bemoan the plight of the Irish Navy.We soon got pissed off with this and told him so.

His first book started out very nicely but fell apart towards the end.

His second book was merely about his ambitious sex life and had no bearing on the NS.

Goldie fish
6th January 2004, 16:21
He has reviewed some of his opinions with hindsight,and an entire chapter is devoted to this. I agree about the second book though,the majority of it is dedicated to how he got swindled by a few cork prostitutes around the time he decided to leave the service,and his shock at realising he had to face them all again when he returned for First Line reserve service, the rest of the book deals with taking his cobh girlfriend to the cinema....

The book however is an interesting insight on how the life of a crew member aboard the corvettes was,the hardship which was accepted at the time(1950s) when most people joined the defence forces to stay out of jail. It is a good read,in its simple language,but perhaps not as a historical reference.

I remember his many letters to the newspapers,and it would be fair to say his constant campaign done little to improve the lot of the NS,while informed writings in the then Cork Examiner,by Lt Cdr Daire Brunicardi(retired) done much more to improve the profile of the Naval service in Cork at least,and in many cases had to write counterpoint to Bradys moanings.

6th January 2004, 23:46
We could all tell afew tales about the cinema in Cobh...pity they demolished it as I reckon many a young matelots first sexual expierience was had there...became something of a national institution !

Where can I get a copy of the revised edition.?

10th January 2004, 18:04
Originally posted by Goldie fish
including the misuse of Eithne... Pray tell more.

Goldie fish
11th January 2004, 01:41
Originally posted by Victor
Pray tell more.

Buy the Book

13th January 2004, 13:09

27th January 2004, 23:42
Just having read the ammended passages of masher brady's book I still think its shite and inaccurate.....for one it was prince Edward who left the Royal marines and not andrew.....and it happened because he was unable to finish the tarzan course and not because of a bollocking on the square.

he totally misinterperates the socialising facilities on naval vessels....and build s a picture of eight superb and wonderful vessels.......Emer is due to retire......Roisin is a heap of shit.......teh peacocks accomadation is only fit for pigs(official) and half of eithnes capabilities have been removed......

Helos were ineffective on board ship for two reasons ....the wrong helo....and the wrong ship.....

He is clearly trying to top up his pension fund by publishing shite.

Give it up.

1st February 2004, 13:45
I suppose compared to the Corvettes and the Sweepers the current fleet are cruise liners..