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22nd October 2013, 22:02
Hi guys,

I've heard there are some excellent Free HD Satellite boxes available these days.

My idea is to use my existing Sky dish with one of these boxes.

Can anyone here who may have one recommend one?

24th October 2013, 22:52
Any suggestions?

24th October 2013, 23:30
Hi Cooley - I've put in a couple of Freesats for family over the years, but by no means an expert.

The Freeview/Sky Channels both use the same satellites - 28.2E, so you don't need to change anything outside.

As regards the boxes, it's been years since I got one - but I'd look at a Saorview/Freesat HD combo box, so you can wire in a TV aerial & the satellite & just use one remote.

Typing Saorview Freesat HD combo into ebay brings up the "Ferguson Ariva 250" - and there's a huge thread about it on boards.ie, might be a good place to start: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056711036

25th October 2013, 09:21
if your going for a sat box only your better off with freesat it cost a little more but they update automatically
if you want your rte's as well good combi boxs are hard to find and are generally expensive if they are good , the best of the cheap ones seem to be triax
you sky dish will do the job for the sat side of stuff just connect it and scan if you get freesat then you'll have to enter a uk postcode and it will tune it to the local set up eg regional bbc
i used to install em

25th October 2013, 09:32
i can get you a Sky 'ringer' - unlocked without a need for a card.

PM me for details.

25th October 2013, 09:38
When I am bored I start petitions at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions

I use the post code from parcel motel-1A McKinney Rd
BT36 4PE- and every so often when it rejects it I use the post code from the Strabane Shinner office-Fountain Street, Strabane, BT82 8JQ.

I dont know if those UK post codes will suffice for you- but this one will get you anything -London SW1A 1AA (Always apartment 2 A, front house) (note- dont write always in the address)-

25th October 2013, 11:32
Well thanks for that hedgehog (?)

RGJ - please don't discuss ringers here, plenty of other fora for that.

I am a huge fan of freesat with a combo HD box.

I have an Ariva 150. This combines Saorview and all the freesat into one box , with HDMI Out to the telly.

Got mine of satellite.ie a few years ago ( Ariva 120 ) and when it went flat it was upgraded to the 150 at no cost. All you need is a dish and rabbit ears and no more UPC, no more Sky , and if you want to watch PPV there is a card reader slot

Big shout out to satellite.ie http://satellite.ie/acatalog/Ariva-150-combo.html#SID=1, that's just the box, there is a dish + fitting there as well.

25th October 2013, 13:27
You are very welcome.

26th October 2013, 20:22
fergisons are a load of shite myself and one of lads had a load go wollop over a long period so it wasnt a bad batch
you wont get freesat combo ,freesat is uk the uk aerials are only mpeg2 the irish is mpeg4 so they wont make a freesat with mpeg4

Goldie fish
26th October 2013, 22:28
i can get you a Sky 'ringer' - unlocked without a need for a card.

PM me for details.

Are you encouraging an Illegal act?

27th October 2013, 01:19
Are you encouraging an Illegal act? Dealt with by me on thread already. Move along.

10th November 2013, 20:03
Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking about getting a 'combi' box with Saorview and Satellite. Just a question regarding aerials. Apparently an indoor aerial will do. I live very close to one of RTE's transmitters so hopefully will get a stron signal. Can anybody recommend a suitable indoor aerial?

10th November 2013, 21:40
the 9.99 rabbit ears from Argos work perfectly for me.