View Full Version : Impressive Armoured column passed on the raod

9th June 2014, 14:31
Hi all

My Monday morning cummute was made considerably more interesting this morning as I passed a very impressive looking column of APC's, MRVs (5 of them) the APC's with the RWS ( I konw there is a different name for them but it escapes me now.) LTAV's and some trucks. Must of been about on 20 vehicels. Wont mention location in case I'm contravening some Opsec rules. But good to see.

ON a different note I was under the impression (it's public knowledge) that we only purchsed 6 MRV's a few years back. They certainly look the part. Did we ever get any more of them, or do we still just have 6?

9th June 2014, 14:49
The mowag with the grenade launcher is known as the CRV.

paul g
9th June 2014, 19:07
Its part of an exercise for the nordic battle group's Istar company, hence the composition of the convoy. They've been based out of Tralee for a few weeks ( not opsec, its been on the Df facebook page)