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29th January 2015, 15:08
Hope someone has a few answer for me!

I'm due to have a medical soon enough and I'm just wondering is there anything in particular I should wear, I.e sports clothing or just casual?? I know its a fairly pointless question but just don't want to turn up in my Sunday best when it's pointless!

Also should I be successful, am I right to believe that RDF personnel are not issued with boots?? And if that's the case, does anyone have any recommendations?

Also have a few friends and relatives in the PDF so how would buckshee kit be looked upon in that regard? Would I just be asking for trouble?

Thanks for any answers!

29th January 2015, 17:04
Wear what you like for the medical (within reason common sense applies), unlesd of course your interview is the same day

Incorrect you should be issued boots

You'll be asking for trouble

29th January 2015, 17:17
Perfect Dev, thanks for the quick reply,
I thought the boots thing was crazy but thought I'd just check anyway, yeah I had a feeling it would just get me unwanted attention,

Appreciate the help