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16th February 2004, 20:36
Can anyone tell me what the SAR Detachment in Finner consisted of personnel wise, when the Dauphin II operated from there, ranks and roles?

That is apart from the 4 aircrew

Who was the Detachment Commander and what rank were they?

Goldie fish
16th February 2004, 23:54
Who wants to know and why?

17th February 2004, 16:03
A member of the public who is just interested

Shouldn't be restricted since theres no SAR Detachment at Finner anymore

Goldie fish
17th February 2004, 16:06
As the detachment is still in finner(see News section) and the people are serving members of the DF,and you are only a nosey member of the public...
You won't find it here.

17th February 2004, 20:53
why the hell would anyone want to know that??...maybe if u gave a definite reason as to why you wanted the info you could ring the Defence Forces Press Office but don't ask for that kind of information in a public domain such as this.