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16th June 2015, 14:08
Before I start, I'm new to the forums and if I have posted this in the wrong section could an admin please move it for me.

I was looking at the military.ie website and in particular the recruits section however I am finding the website very hard to find my way around and get the information I want. After you complete your recruit training and are promoted to ordinary seaman rank, you are obliged specialist to a branch before being promoted to an able seaman.

''The Naval Service has four Branches consisting of Seaman's, Communications, Mechanicians and Supplies.''

Could anyone break down these branches for me or give any information they can about the specific branches?

16th June 2015, 19:31
I would think Seaman's, Communications, Mechanicians and Supplies would all be fairly self-explanatory. The only one someone might not be able to guess is the Seaman's Branch which basically means you work on deck.

16th June 2015, 19:52
Seamans - Deck, driving rhibs etc
Communications and Information Systems (CIS) - Radio Operator, Radio and Radar Technician (After Tech Trainee scheme) Computer Programmer (After Tech Trainee Scheme)
Engineering - Mechanicians, Engine Room Artificer (After Tech Trainee scheme), Electrical Artificer (After Tech Trainee scheme)
Logistics - Supplies (Storesmen & Stewards combined), Cooks, Medics

16th June 2015, 22:14
Seamans - Deck, driving rhibs etc

And Guns......:neek:

16th June 2015, 22:28
Guns yes - Cooks too!