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13th November 2015, 17:47
I did this drawing on my laptop, just for the sake of it.

1916 Guinness Daimler armoured lorry. ( the colour is just a guess ).

Almost one Hundred years since the first armoured vehicle appeared in Ireland

na grohmiti
13th November 2015, 18:57
Was that 1916? I thought it was a National army truck used during the civil war in Dublin.

17th December 2015, 10:28
I think that was 1916 according to this newspaper:

24th December 2015, 18:34
My Image is based on these Two 1916 photos

24th December 2015, 21:10
Spot on Vintary. Nice drawing of the 1916 truck!

ned stark
10th January 2016, 14:30
"They were Col portals idea.
first he secured 2 big iron boilers from Guinness's brewery and the inchicore railway works.
he asked the railway men to mount these on 2 motor lorries and in the sides had holes and slits bored through which troops could fire.
dummy holes were painted beside the real ones to confuse the rebels. each boiler accommodated 18 soldiers in some discomfort, but certainly offered comparative safety.

Sweeny watched the first of these iron clad nightmares lumber down Sackville st until it got as far as the Gresham hotel. were it halted momentarily. sweeny's weapon was a modern lee enfield and he was a good shot; taking careful aim he fired at the narrow slit in the front hoping to hit the driver. his first 3 or 4 shots bounced off the armour but one of his shots must have got home because, after a jerky attempt to restart, the iron-clad stopped dead.
for the remainder of the afternoon it lay immobilized, a stuffed prehistoric monster which belonged in a museum."

Taken from the book, The Easter Rebellion by Max Caulfield.
Well worth a read.

10th January 2016, 17:22
But was Caulfield right? Were boilers used or railway locomotive smoke stacks used?
I am inclined to believe the latter.