View Full Version : USCG chooses CASA

20th February 2004, 18:38
Looks like te AC's trip to the US last year did the trick:


20th February 2004, 19:17
What trip?

20th February 2004, 19:37
There was a promotional trip to the US undertaken some time ago by the AC on behalf of EADS (don't have the exact date). It was written up in An Cosantoir, I have the article at home somewhere.

ex pat 007
20th February 2004, 23:00
students at the US special warfare centre have been using the casa for airborne insertion for some time.Im not sure if its army aviation or USAF support.

Goldie fish
21st February 2004, 07:11
More details of the USCG Deepwater programme can be found HERE (http://demo.icgsdeepwater.com/objectives/aircraft/aircraft.php)


21st February 2004, 20:13
This further proves my theory that the Irish Air Corps and Navy are secretly aligned with the US Coast Guard. :D

Goldie fish
22nd February 2004, 03:46
Shh....its a secret!
C253 flew stateside in February 2001, taking from Baldonnel a route through Keflavik,Iceland,(812nm), St Johns, Newfoundland(1392nm), Bangor, Maine(688nm), and on to Dulles,Virginia(521nm). The write up of the trip can be found in An Cosantoir of Sept 2001(though some pages in my copy have July-August on them)