View Full Version : RAF Sea King

25th February 2004, 20:26
spotted an RAF sea king, rescue yellow, heading west at garristown, north co. dublin, at 1600 hrs today. it was very low , about 2-300 ft, i reckon, and it didnt appear to be poreparing tpo land etc . just a bit surprised as i regularly see the S61, and it is never this low, ofter orbiting inside the airport perimeter to gain height

26th February 2004, 19:31
shh it's a secret! They pass over Galway the odd time extremely low and fast, always training with the Casa or S61's or Just doing SAR.

26th February 2004, 19:33
Tornado's can be seen Operating over Shannon and ive known people to see Sepecat Jaguars & Tornado F3'S down south around Co.Cork & Kerry.

18th March 2004, 13:20
... Or maybe the stupid Crabfat had got hopelessly lost out of St Mawgan or Valley and was down low to try and get a fix on where he was :D