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Goldie fish
28th February 2004, 06:33
I was wondering(as I often do) is there any logic to the Naval service method of Pennant numbers?
I Gather the first digit refers to the class,
The Corvettes were prefixed with 0, the sweepers with 1, the PVs with 2,the hpv(s) with 3,the Peacocks with 4, and the new OPV with 5
and the second the number of that class...however there are a few anomolies.
Ferdia and Setanta,totally different vessels,both with the letter A and the first digit...1..however if setanta was A15 and Ferdia was A 16,what became of A 11, A 12, A13 and A14? The Numbers 11 and 12 were already being used by the sweepers, but where did 13 and 14 go?
Why did the minesweepers have a CM10?Similarly Deirdre was originally FP20,later changed to P20.
If Eithne and Roisin are the Prototype and first of class, why are they not Bearing the Pennant Number P30 and P 50?

Just to refresh we have had
P31(P32 Cancelled)

Is there any other logic or forces at work here? Somebody somewhere must know the answer?

28th February 2004, 06:59
Yeah, there's logic. It just kept changing.

I actually started to write something, and then it just became too confusing

I take it back, there was never any logic.

28th February 2004, 21:17
The logic is there is not logic.....Yes the corvettes were Prefixed by 0 so 1,2,3 was quiet logical

the CM was coastal mine sweeper and 10,11, 12 was also logical

A was for auxiliary but to avoid the use of the # 13 the sequence was altered. It would be considered unlucky to include this number.

The FP originally stood for Fishery protection but was changed to coinside with international reporting of 'P' as a patrol vessel. The official designation being OPV....offshore patrol vessel

The P31 was the first unit of the P30 class and here title is an HPV heli patrol Vessel

The P 41 is the first unit of the P40 class and this is a CPV ...coastal patrol vessel

The teendency to report them as the P31 Class and the P41 class and The P51 class lies in the fact that these are the actual live units and not the conceptual class numbers.

Thats the way that I've been told ....seems logical...but as I said in the NS there is very little logic...If any body has any other theories please let us know!:-patriot:

Goldie fish
29th February 2004, 23:40
So where does P 20 fit in?

1st March 2004, 12:08
the P20 is a sole of class and is not classified with the other PVs given the amount of differences in the two classes.

Whilst they may look the same almost every major feature was different.

Deirdre was shorter.narrower beam,didn't stand as tall, different engines, different bow, different weapons fit,different boats fit, different accom layout.........

the Emer class and the Deidre Class are two completely vessels that merely look the same to the casual observer.

Vice Admiral
1st March 2004, 23:42
Deirdre was also not supposed to float, or so the story goes. Apparently a scale model built during the real construction wouldn't float and there were questions asked. Probably total nonsense but this is the right place for it.....

2nd March 2004, 01:00
Jim carney built the model....a retired LT CDR...and a former chippie.It wasn't designed to float. It was /is a demonstartion model.....does it still exist I wonder!

2nd March 2004, 17:34
Its in the NS museum in the martello tower. It's looking a bit worse for wear but still in one piece.

The museum has been allowed to stagnate since the 50th anniversary but there is talk of a new home and some investment in it.

7th September 2009, 20:32
Jim carney built the model....a retired LT CDR...and a former chippie.It wasn't designed to float. It was /is a demonstartion model.....does it still exist I wonder!

In actual fact, the hull model was built in VCD and used in the tank tests at the design stage. it was given to the Navy when the ship was handed over and the superstructure, guardrails, boats, and gun were fitted by Jim Carney and the late chippy Paddy (Bomber) Reilly