View Full Version : I passed my medical now what ?

12th August 2018, 11:09
As the title says I passed my medical I'm just wondering how long on average will I have to wait before I'll be called in , this being a month since I've received the email stating I passed also it's not a job offer, which kind of leaves me torn between in and out .

12th August 2018, 13:16
PDF or RDF ?

Check your junk emails

Ring Bde Manpower that you appplied to

12th August 2018, 13:29
PDF, should I of rang them by now ? I'll do it now thanks

12th August 2018, 13:47
Sunday damn 😂

12th August 2018, 14:22
i'm having a similar problem myself. I received a call telling me the first weekend of training was cancelled and that I would be contacted to arrange a date to attest.

Not a dicky bird since then though and I've tired ringing manpower multiple times (rings out) and have also tried to ring and email my contact at the unit with no response.

It's quite annoying after having turned up for the fitness test and taken a day off work for the medical. Last resort is to call in on next parade night but not even sure if that unit parades at this point in the Summer or could be on FTT etc?

12th August 2018, 20:02
A lot of reserve units used to take their leave in August. Not sure if that followed through to the RDF elements since reorg.

Bear in mind that the PMS / Manpower Offices have 3 people working there and are trying to run PDF recruitment, RDF recruitment, TTS, UNDOF selection, UNIFIL selection and Small Missions nominations as well as their duties, leave etc so have patience when contacting them as they can only do so much at any time but they are always very helpful when you get them.