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29th April 2004, 14:59
Just found a new aircraft that could be constructively utilised by the NS/IAC, the newly retired S3 Vikings.Before anyone starts saying we don't need an ASW planes, they had their ASW gear removed in the mid 90s and now get used for ASuW/Tanker/Bomber/EW and COD.Apparently plenty of life left in the plane and the UK and Brazilians are rumoured to want them for their own carriers.Wouldn't be the first denavalised plane in Irish service.


Goldie fish
29th April 2004, 15:22
ASuW? They would be the only DF assets capable of this....would need long legs to safely cover our waters
Tanker? We have nothing with probes..unless we got other Vikings
Bomber? What would we be bombing(Though certain parts of Limerick come to mind..)
COD? Delivering to which of our carriers exactly?

29th April 2004, 15:34
Didn't say you have to use those abilities.That what they are currently used for.My reasoning is that they have long range(2300 miles or so), economical engines, strong airframes, built to deal with salt corrosion and my main reason is it that they are fitted with an excellent search radar.Of course those other uses are redundant, but as a patrol/SAR/maritime protection plane they are excellent purchase

Goldie fish
29th April 2004, 15:59
Whats wrong with the CASA again?

29th April 2004, 16:03
Absolutely nothing, in fact I quite like them.Just thought I'd show something new that would work quite well.Just to change the planes we normally talk about for a while.

Goldie fish
29th April 2004, 16:11
You would be looking for the Air Corps section...

29th April 2004, 16:20
I just thought the Naval Aviation thread maybe needed another string to its bow, but ok.

29th April 2004, 17:25
Vikings sound dead sexy we had two do a fly by for the show in salthill when the JFK was here, is was at air show control talking to "Kirby" USN F-14 Pilot and i spotted two dots moving over the aran islands and he had his radio to talk to the F-14, F-18 jets and he found what channel they were operating on so he called them in! they did a pass from aran islands direction heading to galway city then turned around and got low and passed us again low n fast waving the aircraft waving to the crowd then went to do some sightseeing.