View Full Version : Merc 4x4 truck info needed

30th April 2004, 18:00
anyone got tech specs,diff info or any notes on the mercedes 4x4 truck ???? I'm currently on the course but our instructor cant get anything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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30th April 2004, 20:47
Youre unit should be able to give you whatever you need, however there is a book out called `Irish Army Vechicles` by Karl Martin which has specs and info on all Irish army vechicles. Nice book to have anyway!:cool:

Goldie fish
1st May 2004, 23:53
We use the 1117 4x4. 11 tonne, 170HP.... Its green.
You wont find out much about this type online,as they are built to order.

5th May 2004, 16:45
I think they got this order wrong :-)

5th May 2004, 16:55
Keep the thread serious please.lol.

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5th May 2004, 19:57
I think there's a serious H & S issue to be addressed there....

6th May 2004, 15:50
Must of been goin on one savage camp AlthoughI'd say the bulk of that gear is belonging to the women....

Anyway 2 weeks to go til the truck test anyone anywhere got info on the merc????? Cmon S&T lads surely ye know something about these savage beasts.....


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