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23rd February 2003, 01:04
I happen to have it on good authoirty that AC techies and groundstaff were/are being transferred to abbeyshrule on an exercise.

anyone know what's going on there?

23rd February 2003, 01:17
Magister, This sort of post is inappropriate on this board. Your contributions here, over the 55+ posts, have not contributed much! This recent rediculous post regarding additional flights through an underdeveloped airport shames me.

This sort of post should be removed from the board!

Goldie fish
23rd February 2003, 01:46
This board should not be used to discuss operational matters. Movement of troops and aircraft,whether Irish or not should not be reported here.
The last thing we want is the protestors hearing about it and jeopardising any further operations.
I ask the moderators of this section to close ths thread immediately. It is a risk to the security of the state.

23rd February 2003, 01:50
magister, after spamming your way through 50 posts, you come on here and post something like that... :mad: