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10th September 2004, 02:55
Readers of Military Machines International will notice that in this months edition that Shaun Conners' Into the archive 'Seris features a timoney of the APC type ....he also reveals photos of two other AFVs one an APC of the 6x6 variety and one being a 4x4 of AFV variety.

he then issues the challenge that all three have some thing in common but what is it and what makes are the vehicles.

heres achance for all the armour buffs........I reckon the link is to do with Belgian manufacture . My opinion is purely based on the looks of the vehicle.

Apologies for not adding piccies but my scanner is on the fritz!

10th September 2004, 03:10
ok..to answer my own question I reckon the 6x6 to be the belgian SIBMAS APC but i am open to correction.

10th September 2004, 04:02
the wheeled 4x4 AFV definetly has a fox....scorpion tturret fitted which means its either british or belgian developed...also called a cockerill turret...cmon help me out!

10th September 2004, 05:43
If you attached a picture, the rest of us will give it a go.

10th September 2004, 14:43
All Timoney's as far as i can tell.


10th September 2004, 15:06

This is the same 4x4 vehicle discussed in the MVI magazine. Made and deployed in Tanzania.

The 6x6 has very similar lines to the defunct Vickers Mk.11 LRPV.




10th September 2004, 20:16
I haven't received my copy of MMI here in Spain yet, but it appears from what you say above they are all Timoney designs and feature Timoney's Independent Suspension System.

The Vickers Mark 11 was based on the Valkyr (BDX Mk 2) which in turn was an update of the Irish Army Timoney Mk 4.

The ARV was only sold to Tanzania.


11th September 2004, 01:42
Good stuff problem solved......thank you very much.

Inthe interests of honesty I won't be entering the quiz but I thought it would be a nice challenge !:)