View Full Version : Helicopter Formation?

7th March 2003, 14:39
Hey, anybody got any info on the 5 ship formation, of what looked to be green/grey medium lift helis that flew over tallaght today? As far as I know they look like they have landed at baldonnel. any ideas?

7th March 2003, 14:41
I saw it over Deansgrange no idea where it was heading but it ccame in from over the sea, I wouldn't get my hopes up though theres got to be a dissapointing explanation for it.

7th March 2003, 15:49
Bah a guy on Franks board says they look to be Lynxes

7th March 2003, 16:21
That was me:D

7th March 2003, 16:26
As I tried to ask on Frank's board, could somebody phone the Don to ask who they are, I live too far away to do so - no phone number in my phone directory.


7th March 2003, 17:36
Anything to do with the British PM visit to N.I. not sure what they would be doing this far down, maybe he offered Bertie a lift home after the meeting...

7th March 2003, 17:52
Now that the facts about these 5 RN Lynxs are all over the net, how long before our friends at Indymedia pick up on it and start elaborating on possible conspiracy theories?

7th March 2003, 18:36
From http://www.irishairpics.com/aircorps/index.html

raleigh48hotmail.com from Unofficial Irish Air Corps
Royal Navy Lynx's Posted 3-7-2003 15:23

Hi frank,
just to let you all know the visitor's at Bal are 5 Royal Navy Lynx's. The 5 ship landed at 13.40 pm this afternoon, c/s ''Navy 770'', and are parked next to the tower for the weekend. the 5 A/C will go back to the UK on Monday, after a piss-up in Dublin over the weekend. I think ''Navy 770 '' made a stop off at RAF Valley. all Best Damian Smyth, Dublin.

8th March 2003, 13:28
According to DoD, they're here for joint SAR exercises with Irish Air Corps. Somebody must have told them we had one.:D

8th March 2003, 18:40
how are the dauphin 2's or A 111 to stay up with these lynxs
with their hellish speed and all ?