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20th March 2003, 12:08
Am i was in Easons yesterday and i came across the New Airlines Monthly or whatever it's called, you know it, it's the civillian airlines version of Air Forces Monthly, anyhow as i looke through the first few pages guess what i saw, you guessed it it was an artists impression of the New Air Corps PC-9M, and it's in DPM colours and looks really crappy to be honest, the AC Roundel is in High Viz and also if im 100% Certain, it had high viz Wing tips and nose but it was definately the Air Corps PC-9M and that is going to be the new Colour Scheme for the Air Corps.

I must say that the Colour looks really crappy, but have a look for yourself, i personally think that DPM doent suit it atall, it would look way better in Air Force Grey like what you get on F-15.F-16 Aircraft.

Anyhow go into Easons and judge for yourself:mad:

20th March 2003, 12:54
I saw it myself yesterday as well and thought the same but I heard that they will be a grey colour.

20th March 2003, 14:45
<FONT FACE="tahoma" COLOR="#99CC00">Anyone actually buy it and Scan the Picture</font>

20th March 2003, 14:48
Why don't you go injto Easons and just look it's in the news section of AFM

paul g
20th March 2003, 18:02
You could even buy the bloody thing, Easons do have to make a profit you know.

20th March 2003, 18:10
Saw that photo in this month's AFM.
It's a crappy colour scheme alright. I know it's only a computer generated image, but it looks like somebody went mad with a green aerosol can - blotches of green all over !

Low-viz grey gets my vote :cool:

21st March 2003, 10:12
Sorry guys my Bad it was actually AFM, Sorry:-patriot:

21st March 2003, 13:29
It's like vomit on a traffic cone, whats the point of camo with flourescent tips anyway?