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Liachta Cultaca
14th May 2003, 23:07
What does the L.E in L.E Deidre, Emer, Niamh etc...

Western Commando
14th May 2003, 23:24
"Long Eireannach" = "Irish Ship" (or boat, depending on your Irish).
Same idea as USS (United States Ship) or HMS (Her Majesty's Ship).

Liachta Cultaca
14th May 2003, 23:25


5th December 2004, 01:38
Hello, I was just curious as to what L.É. stands for in the ship names. I've looked around the web, and cant seem to find it. Any reply is much appreciated!

5th December 2004, 03:50
that means Irish Vessel in case your Irish isnt too hot.

5th December 2004, 09:50
No, I understood :) Thanks to you both!

Mick O'Toole
6th December 2004, 18:32
And isn't Long an irregular noun, with the plural being Lingus - hence Aer Lingus?

6th December 2004, 23:10
And isn't Long an irregular noun, with the plural being Lingus - hence Aer Lingus?

Lingus is a latinisation of "loingheas".

Truck Driver
7th December 2004, 06:20
And isn't Long an irregular noun, with the plural being Lingus - hence Aer Lingus?

Thought the plural of long was loing, but I may be wrong.... (Frantically Googling for an
Irish-English/English-Irish dictionary)
... have discovered that it's longa

See Here (http://www.csis.ul.ie/scripts/focweb/Exe/focloir.exe)

7th December 2004, 20:05
If I recall correctly, "Lingus" is "Fleet" as opposed to "vessels"

8th December 2004, 06:06
Iong eireanach translates a Irish state ship......and is taken a face value! :mad:

10th April 2005, 19:41
Stupid question just came up in conversation between me and a mate

10th April 2005, 19:47
Use the search function. but i'm a nice person at heart so i did it for you!

I beat joshua to it this time! :biggrin: :biggrin:
muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (evil laugh) :tri: :tri:

11th April 2005, 00:47
State ship ! for the non Irish speaking amongst us. Or ship belonging to the state if you like...but this dosen't mean you can turn up looking for the free tour whenever it suits you!

Goldie fish
11th April 2005, 01:10
I do...

11th April 2005, 12:17
Do they let people on board? I know ive seen ships on many occasions down the quays near the point and in Dun Laoghaire harbour. Is it against the regulations to allow non naval personnel on? I suppose it would be but ill give it a shot next time im passing by

11th April 2005, 14:47
I got on the L.E Deidre and the L.E Eithne when they were in Killybegs. They has no problem letting people on board for a look!!

11th April 2005, 15:22
It depends whats going on at the time. Ships may be open to public viewing on occassion but these 'tours' are normally limited to the upper decks. Please remember that the naval vessels are home to the people who live in them and what little privacy they have deserves to be respected. Als o it is the crew that maintains these vessels and there are no contract cleaners so if you do visit please respect the ship you visit.

If ships are not open to the public...don't blame the guy on the gangway...it's come from a higher authority. most crews dread when ships are open to the public as it is extra work for them. Time alongside is normally rest time for some ofthe crew. please respect this as well.