View Full Version : Timoney in the news again.

B Inman
25th April 2005, 22:20
Interesting article about Timoney technology winning another contract.

Click http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/taiwan/cm32.htm

mutter nutter
25th April 2005, 23:09
the funniest thing I heard about Timoney was, they somehow managed to get onto both competing designs for a US army UGV project, lol

26th April 2005, 07:12
Timoney are involved in the two UGV projects for the US, one for the Army and one for the Marines (two totally different vehicles, one weighs 6 tonnes and the other 2.5 tonnes), they also designed the suspension for the United Defense entry for the manned vehicle in the FCS competition.

They were however involved in two competing entries for Project Bushranger, the winning Bushmaster is theirs and so was the Vickers Mark 11.


mutter nutter
26th April 2005, 16:27
whoop's thank's IAS

11th May 2005, 14:00
The latest issue of Military Machines International has an article on the CM-32. I only had a quick skim, but if I read it right then this new vehicle wasn't actually designed by Timoney. It's a locally developed improvement of the Timoney designed CM-31. It will use the Timoney suspension, resulting in the payment of licencing fees.