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Goldie fish
30th January 2004, 06:59
Dutch Submarine Dolfijn is back on Cork City Quays again,should be till weekend.

20th February 2004, 18:21
Saw two RN vessels tied up on John Rogerson's Quay today, a minesweeper and a survey vessel. I'd no camera with me so I didn't get any shots.

3rd March 2004, 12:15
According to the radio this morning there is a few German Naval vessels in Dublin Port. I didn't catch the entire announcement so I don't know exactly where they are, but I hear that they are open to the public today until 3.

If they're still here tomorrow I'll go looking for them & take a few pic for ye.

B Inman
11th March 2004, 21:24
HMS Cornwall F99 is currently (Wed 11 Mar) in Dublin port. I saw her from the otherside of the basin so no info as to how long she is staying.

19th March 2004, 03:54
French Navy Tug in Cork at the moment was involved in a minor prang earlier this week,while making fast alongside Custom House Quay. She was manouvering between Asgard 2 which was tied up ahead of her,and Jeanie Johnson which was astern. It seems contact was made with a spar of the Replica Famine ship,causing some damage to her.
Nothing serious though,apparently...

21st March 2004, 19:17
Probably cost the tax payer another ten million though!:mad: :mad:

Goldie fish
14th May 2004, 13:18
Two Belgian Minehunters, the Primula and Aster,are due in Cork from friday May 28 to tuesday June 1.
The Primula,which is based at Zeebrugge, was launched in 1990. Both Vessels are 51.5m lang and are ships whose design was based on a Co-operative project between Dutch and french navies. because they all have names of Flowers,this class of ship was called the "flower Class"
Including officers there are 36 on Board the Primula, and 52 on the Aster.
Both Ships are on a routine courtesy call and will be open to the public over the weekend. The ships are expected to arrive about 9am on the friday.

More Naval Vessels are expected next month. From June 14 to 16 a number of fast patrol boats from Germany are expected to make a Courtesy call to the city Quays. Details to follow.

mac dara
21st May 2004, 19:37
Passing the docks in Galway this morning saw 4 small French naval vessel along with the L.E Aisling. Only managed to catch 1name the "Leopard". 2 Officers on board armed with Famas looked very well it did.

21st May 2004, 21:20
Reminds me of a time when some french ships visited cork and someone told me of their presence. On inquiring of their names i got a confident reply.
"One was called Honeur another called Valeur......"

never mind.....

Goldie fish
2nd June 2004, 03:33
I saw a funny thing today while watching the Belgians depart(Yes I have photos...of course)
On the quayside,as well as an artic loading fuel(the ships carry a fuel reserve that is never touched..) there was a 50 tonne crane.

I spoke to the crane driver and asked him what was he lifting....
"Not sure "he replied sheepishly.."that ... I think" he said pointing to the gangway(Property of Port of cork)"and another between the 2 ships"

Thats right. A 50 tonne crane used to move a 50kg(max) aluminium gangway.
The liason officer thought it was a case of using a Jackhammer to break an acorn, or some such simile..
Crane driver didnt mind. He got paid for the 6 hours either way. I have a movie clip of this manouver in action if anyone wants to contact me for it..Its a biggie.... The sight of a 15 foot plank being lifted over the masts of this ship is impressive,verging on the sublime...

3rd June 2004, 19:53
Is there any foreign naval vessels in Cork this weekend??:-patriot:

Goldie fish
4th June 2004, 00:57
Germans as mentioned above are due monday,I believe..More details later.

Goldie fish
4th June 2004, 18:33
From Monday to Wednesday a number of german "Mine warfare vessels" are due at Horgans Wharf.
The Vessels are the
Mosel (A512)(similar to Main that is mentioned earlier on this thread)

Hameln Class

Herten (M1089)
Kulmback (M1091)
Passau (M1096)

Frankenthal Class

Sulzbach Rosenberg (M1062)
Frankenthal (M1066)
Bad Rappenau (M1067)

Goldie fish
4th June 2004, 20:53
Aa mentioned above,here are the belgians...and the crane.

Goldie fish
8th June 2004, 08:19
Germans should be on the quays by now..Will try to Get photos later..

Goldie fish
9th June 2004, 11:16
Re above,it appears my source got his dates wrong again(probably the same guy who thought Niamh would be in Limerick for May weekend),And I assume that as mentioned earlier in the thread they are due in next week. Watch this space...

Goldie fish
12th June 2004, 12:39
Right..they were there last night.. I am heading in later to try and get photos..before they vanish...

12th June 2004, 16:36
There's a Portugese frigate tied up at Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin.

Goldie fish
13th June 2004, 02:00
Well here they are,the Flotilla mentioned above. Interesting design. Both types of minesweeper have an aft working deck covered completly in rubber work mats. Armed with 40mm guns. Exceptionally small though. Looked more like a fast patrol boat than a Minehunter.

Goldie fish
13th June 2004, 02:03
Hameln Class

Goldie fish
13th June 2004, 02:06
Frankenthal Class

rod and serpent
21st June 2004, 23:35
HMS Southhampton is up in Belfast at the minute.

25th June 2004, 20:10
The "Eglantine" & "Glycine" of the French Navy are visiting Dun Laoghaire from today (25th June) to 28th June. They are berthed alongside each other at the East Pier. They are primarily used for training naval officers & are equipped for oceanographic studies. Built 1992. Based in Brest. Crew: 10 + 16 trainees.

Goldie fish
2nd July 2004, 09:11
Naval visits to Cork continue this week with the Arrival Today(friday) of a number of Dutch vessels,on a courtesy call. The Mercuur(a900) has already left,however Urk(M861),Haarlem(M853),Kingsbergen and Maasluis(M856) will be open to the public this weekend.

Goldie fish
3rd July 2004, 02:53
Did I read elsewhere on the board that HMS Mersey will be In Galway this weekend?

Goldie fish
4th August 2004, 11:28
From Seascapes:

The first BRAZILIAN Navy Ship to visit Ireland will arrive in Dublin on Tuesday (yesterday). She's due to pass through the East Link Bridge in mid-morning at berth at Sir John Rogerson's Quay

Goldie fish
9th August 2004, 21:35
http://www.military.ie/images/u27.jpg More photos here (http://www.military.ie/army/2far_21_gun_salute.html)

From www.military.ie

Citizens of Dun Laoghaire awoke to the thunderous roar of a ships cannon being fired at sea recently. They had nothing to fear however, as it was the Brazilian Navy's Training ship "Brasil", firing a 21 gun salute before it entered Dublin Harbour. Gunners of the 2 Field Artillery Regiment returned the salute using Quick Fire 12 Pounder Guns.

The Brasil, which is on its annual training voyage for Midshipmen from the Brazilian Naval Academy, visited Dublin from the 3rd to the 7th of August.

9th August 2004, 21:47
21 gun salut from Irish army to mark her arrival

9th August 2004, 23:24
I didn't know we had any 12 pounders left?

Goldie fish
9th August 2004, 23:38
There is another 12 Pounder saluting battery in Cork,though I have not seen it used in some time.

9th August 2004, 23:45
The tourist information board in Dun Laoighre says that the harbour has the only working saluting battery in the country.

And if it's written on a tourist information board it must be true.

Goldie fish
9th August 2004, 23:53
But its a Jackeen tourist board..they only say that so you won't venture beyond the Pale!
The Saluting Battery in Fort Davis was only brought into action in 1990,and has been used During the Tall ships race in 1992(I think that was the year..),and the Naval service 50th Birthday celebrations in 1996,as well as the visit of many Cruise Liners and Historic ships.
I have a photo of it...somewhere...

10th August 2004, 03:16
I suppose it would be too much to ask the Brazilians to bring the Sao Paulo on the next visit.

B Inman
18th September 2004, 00:58
French Navy ship D'entrecasteaux P674 is at Sir John Rogersons Quay today 17 Sept. The vessel is a survey ship, armed with 2 .5 ,s and has a helicopter landing facility at the stern. The hanger was a telescopic type that could contract to give a bigger landing area. My knowledge of matters Naval is sadly lacking so apoligies for the brief discription.

Goldie fish
18th September 2004, 01:10
Is this her?

Pennant numbers change depending on role,in some services. Germany is another example.

B Inman
18th September 2004, 04:23
Thats the ship, the hanger was extended when I saw her earlier today, it looks quite compact in this photo.

B Inman
26th September 2004, 20:56
River Class OPV HMS Tyne is at Sir John Rogersons Quay today 26/9/04.

Goldie fish
28th September 2004, 12:17
Did anyone get a close look? Photos even?

B Inman
29th September 2004, 02:16
No photo's but the ship was still there today (Tuesday), will bring camera to work and if she is still there at lunch time tomorrow the I'll get snaps.

2nd October 2004, 01:32
The HMS Tyne was there on Monday morning - appeared to be gone on Monday afternoon and then was back later in the week, either Tuesday or Wednesday - which I thought was slightly unusual.

Apparently the Royal Navy rent this class of vessel off the ship builders for 320 days in the year. With the makers of the Roisin class now apparently out of business, would the Tyne class and the method the RN used to attain them be a possible route for the Naval service? Might even allow the number of ships in service to get up to ten.... that'll be the day...

Interesting information:

Seems suited to small scale overseas peace support missions i.e. Liberia..

Anyway just a thought...

Goldie fish
15th October 2004, 03:50
The French Naval Vessel, Commandant Blaison is expected in Cork on a courtesy visit tomorrow. It will remain in Cork until October 19.
It is one of the D'estienne D'orves class,which have been frequent visitors to cork. It was Comissioned in 1982,and based in Brest.
It is 80m Long and armed with Exocet missiles and a 100mm Main Gun.




17th October 2004, 04:41
it was a scary sight to have that gun pointing towards the bus on the way home on friday

Goldie fish
17th October 2004, 14:57
The area aft where the 375mm Launcher used to be now contains a dual missile launcher,similar in size to stinger,on a permanent manpad. Looked pretty practical for point defence.(if 2 shots is considered enough..)

Goldie fish
22nd October 2004, 11:44
HMCS St John was in Cork during the week(See the news section)

I would have seen it but for the fact that the route i would normally take to training,which would have brought me past this ships berth,I decided not to take this week,as I didnt have to collect anyone on the way there..

So its their fault I didnt get any photos.
She is however almost identical to HMCS Montreal,which was in Cork for the Naval Service 60th Anniversary back in 1996.


22nd October 2004, 17:55
It was the 50th anniversary.

22nd October 2004, 20:43
that french thingy was here before in a bout 87' or 88 I think I remember being QM and having to pipe the 'still' as she passed up river.

Goldie fish
22nd October 2004, 20:54
Your right sluggie. Thank you for your valued contribution.

Goldie fish
6th November 2004, 03:22