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17th April 2003, 20:52
The Alouette III helicopters will have been in operation for 40 years this year. The first one entered service in Nov. 1963.
In my opinion, they have been the best aircraft the Air Corps has operated to date. They are the "workhorses" of the fleet.

My question is -
Are there any anniversary events, or suchlike, planned to mark their 40 years of service to the Air Corps ?

17th April 2003, 20:57
Happy Birthday to you , happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear ...eh... Chopper.... happy birthday too you!

17th April 2003, 21:07
The Air Corps certainly have gotten great service out of them. But hell, how good is their condidtion? Are they even capable of mounting any mission beside recon at this point?

17th April 2003, 23:56
There is a rumour of a fly-in of A111's to celebrate the event. Several nations still have them on their strength.

17th April 2003, 23:57
Maybe they'll buy ours and we can get some better stuff.

But jeez, if you think about it, they've seen some changes....

18th April 2003, 00:00
Might be sticking my neck out a bit, but I think the A111 will still be in service with the IAC long after the Dauphins have gone.

18th April 2003, 00:15
No, you're not. They'd still have the Comets and Spitfires in business if they thought they could get away with it....

18th April 2003, 00:28
Comets???, ya mean Vampires don't ya???
No, I mean the A111 is more suited to it's job then the D11 is to it's. The A111 is really a superb peice of machinary and a credit to those who were involved in it's procurement, which is more than can be said about other aspects of Irish government practice.

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18th April 2003, 00:32
No, Comet tanks. There's something for you to look up. Should have got the Chaffe, but then, as usual short term gain, long term screw up!

18th April 2003, 00:44
Doh!!! this is the Air Corps page, however, I take your point, and you are probally correct, but if we were invaded to-morrow, how many old Comet would they attempt to start as infantry support tanks.[ther is supposed to be a few still around]
Personaly, I don't think MBT'S are of much use in this country, now that we are madly off thread, but, I would see some sense in buying some of the BA's retired Challanger mk1's.
Unfortunatly sense is something that Irish governments do not seem to have a lot of.

18th April 2003, 00:54
Unlikly, the reason they were withdrawn from service is because they ran out of ammo. Better to turn them into APCs which I think was done as "Kangeroos" by the aussies. Although now I am interested, I will start a new thread in the general section - "Defence Procurement, best and worst buys"

18th April 2003, 21:15
Just in case anyone here never saw an Air Corps Alouette.....

http://www.irishairpics.com/aircorps/images/full_size/alo_02.jpg http://www.irishairpics.com/aircorps/images/full_size/al03_06.jpg

17th May 2003, 00:51
Any updates ???

17th May 2003, 11:44
I heard they're planning a big surprize for the 50th :)

17th May 2003, 14:53
Very droll Mr Molloy :rolleyes: :D

17th May 2003, 15:00
Probably not too far off the truth either :(

17th May 2003, 19:22
True, on the 50th anniversary they will annouce the purchase of UH-1 Hueys to repleace them. In order to keep the crusties happy, they will be purchased from Vietnam and will be guaranteed to have been recovered from the numberous crash sites, thus preserving nature. They will also be guarateed not to fly. In a speech announcing the move, Taoiseach and Minister for everything else, Trevor Sargent said that "It's a great day for Ireland". Members of the defence force were unavailable for comment as they were currently undergoing re-education at a Green Police school.