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4th November 2005, 09:28
Good luck to the 94th as they head to Liberia in the next few weeks.

Good mate of mine i've known since primary school is heading out as part of the Bn.

Lets hope he dosent shoot anything he shouldnt!!:biggrin:

4th November 2005, 11:33
I know of 2/3 people I know going out as part of this battalion. Good luck.

Some people may find this interesting - the "wet" mess is open for 2 hours, 3 days a week. For those who may think that the lads are sunning themselves and drinking.

5th November 2005, 12:57
:tri: As one of the people heading back there,I hope to be still able to access the boards from Clara

Truck Driver
5th November 2005, 20:48
:tri: As one of the people heading back there,I hope to be still able to access the boards from Clara

Have a good trip, Fireblade, don't forget to send a few pictures...

5th November 2005, 21:07
BEST of luck to the 94th batt, hope the lads from the west have left the place in good shape for yiz
My two brothers return from there in two weeks although one of them wanted to remain and be with a few old buddies from the east.
But the larium tabs dont allow it

6th November 2005, 14:11
stay safe lads and have a good trip

6th November 2005, 21:44
well if others can post from overseas...why not you....be safe......may the trip be short and enjoy....

Infantry Sandbag
7th November 2005, 19:51
One of my mates lost out for liberia but is due to go on the next overseas trip, have a good time out there and enjoy yoursselves, could be the best weather you see for a long time!

Goldie fish
7th November 2005, 20:29
You missed the photos from liberia during rainy season then?

7th November 2005, 22:29
i have family coming back. safe tripto all going on this trip

7th November 2005, 23:49
Well for any that missed the photos from the rainy season,here are some from my last time there (91st bn).The picture of the bridge concerns if it will be able to support the mowags or cv 90's crossing it,and the last one is where the patrol had to stop,as the road literally fell apart from the rains.

8th November 2005, 00:42
They are some pot holes in the last pic.

Truck Driver
8th November 2005, 02:21
The bridge picture reminds me a bit of some of those "unapproved Border crossings" you'd
see in An Cosantóir now and again !

Goldie fish
8th November 2005, 16:45
The bridge looks like one of the old girder Bailey bridges the engineers used to have...