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18th March 2006, 00:29
Yes the geat HPT in all his formats has an article running in both Classic Military Vehicles and International Military Machines. The articles are quite similar....but..they are forerunners to the IMV weekend in the Curragh on 7 May this year. CMV are sponsoring it...and have retained my article to the last moment to attract overseas interest.If from the articles you feel the need to submit a critiscism...state you rank, interest and name!

Go there see it it the first of its kind..bring cameras,I apologise if I upst the thunder by my articles a a promtional

Its going to a good show..if you have the gear contact PHIL GUNN (Philgunn@iol.ie) amonst others .this is going to be avery good day!

Please be aware that the article were submitted late last year some operational details have changed.

Jimmy C
18th March 2006, 05:57
You type like a blind man paints.

Goldie fish
18th March 2006, 06:12
I Copied the original post from the Army section to this one to ensure maximum exposure.
Any other questions?

Truck Driver
18th March 2006, 07:31
Take it you'll be there on the day, Murph?

18th March 2006, 15:26
hopefully...thats the plan for the moment.Quiet clearly my typing leaves something to desired so I have edited the original after Goldie copied it. My apologises for my enthusiasm to list the post at an early hour in the morning having quiet clearly raided the sherry cabinet,