View Full Version : Kongsberg RWS with Javelin missile attached

mutter nutter
18th May 2006, 20:52
maybe something for the Army to think about for the new Pirahna's with the RWS:cool:

spider pig
18th May 2006, 23:41
That my friend is quite an impressive piece of equipment.Cant wait to see them about:rolleyes: in a long...long time

Goldie fish
18th May 2006, 23:44
It doesn't matter, We'll never have enough. If they can't even mount the HMG armament in the current Piranhas,(check the photos from the easter parade, and the news clip from the recent ex in the glen) why would they even dream of mounting a missile launcher?

spider pig
19th May 2006, 00:11
Goldie can you put down a link for the ex

Goldie fish
19th May 2006, 00:12
No. Its around here somewhere already.

spider pig
19th May 2006, 00:17