View Full Version : PC-9 or Tucano in Baldonnel ?

12th May 2003, 18:14
Is there a demonstrator PC-9 (or possibly an RAF Tucano) in Baldonnel at present ?

I saw, what looked (and sounded) like either of the above over Naas this evening.

12th May 2003, 18:49
According to a techie on Frank's board there's a PC-9 over for a week!


12th May 2003, 19:37
Yes, it's Pilatus' own PC-9 demonstrator - complete with it's slick black and gold colour scheme.
It sounds good too !

Apparently, it's twice the size of the Marchetti's :cool: :)

12th May 2003, 22:21
I heard that today and I was just going to ask if anyone heard the turboprop.

Sounded great, and gladly it seems I'm going to have to get used to it.

Although nothing can beat the Fouga's (in my memory) flying ultra low level. One time one buzzed right over me and my mates head, with nose light on and a pretty smokey engine. Very very impressive to us... and since then everytime I see and Air Corps plane, I curse the fact I have to wear contact lenses, meaning I can never be one of those blokes behind the stick :)

Lads morale may not be great and ye may not have much in the way of cutting edge equipment, but what I wouldnt give to be able to fly in the air corps... :flagwave:

Good luck with the PC-9's lads :D

12th May 2003, 23:12
just cruising the net for the last while and happened upon this:


So anyone in the aircorps fancy copying that for me? :) Closest I'll get to flying one of those birds :)

not bloody likely i should think!

12th May 2003, 23:47
This is the PC-9M in Baldonnel.


And this is what it looks like from the cockpit !


RAAF Roulettes Team.

13th May 2003, 18:35
Pc-9 just finished a display at the don. Did a good few loops and turns. Its has a great sound to it. nice looking plane aswell.

15th May 2003, 23:08
Am still learning this , so bear with me if this does not work. Had trouble with my computer

15th May 2003, 23:16
Excellent shots Turkey !

The Marchetti looks small beside her.
However, we shouldn't forget about the Marchetti's - they have served us well !