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16th July 2006, 03:18
Hey i noticed no one mentioned the article in the Indo the last few days about EOD getting 6 new DURO's from Switzerland, 3 of which will be armoured.
what gives ? any pictures of what it will look like for us?
also, any news on the new MOWAG's , when they'll be in service etc. , or any pre-production pics????

16th July 2006, 05:09
Irish Department of Defence (DoD) and General Dynamics Mowag GmbH signed a EUR 30 million contract for 15 Piranha III-H 8×8 armored vehicles, with a total value of EUR 36.5 million including VAT. The Piranha III 8×8 is a very close relative of the USA's Stryker/ LAV III, and it beat Steyr's Pandur II in the run-off competition. Ireland had originally planned to order 80 vehicles, but later cut the second batch of 40 to 25. This procurement restores the planned numbers, and adds two new variants to the Oglaigh na hEireann. Production will take place at Mowag's facility in Kreuzlingen, and deliveries will start in February 2007. Payments under the contract will extend from December 2005 to January 2008.

This order includes 9 infantry carrier vehicles. They will be equipped with the same 12.7 mm Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station that is standard issue on the USA's LAV III M1126 Stryker ICV, whose Iraq experiences were recently covered by DID. Another 6 vehicles will be fitted as infantry fighting vehicles, with a stabilized Oto Melara turret and 30 mm autocannon for heavier firepower on the move. These Piranha IIIs are intended to enhance the ability of Ireland to participate in international operations, and reflect the growing understanding that such forces need increased protection against mines and ballistic weapons. The Minister of Defence has stated that they will be used mainly in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance roles on overseas missions.

Goldie fish
16th July 2006, 08:08
The Duro has been in service for some time now, and was seen at the Easter Parade.

mutter nutter
16th July 2006, 08:48
The Duro has been in service for some time now, and was seen at the Easter Parade.

yeah I saw those in the Curragh last year, maybe they are getting more?..

16th July 2006, 15:59
ok, so if they have been in operations for some time does that mean that article on the 6 for EOD, is way behind,and EOD have them already , or does it mean a seperate section of the army ( engineers ,signals, artillery etc.) have them, liked them so much that the EOD fellas said 'right , we've tried the other Corps DURO's , like them, we'll have 6 of our own, 3 armoured please ' ? or am i , like the article, behid the news ?

16th July 2006, 17:29
sorry,its a little blured..I took this at the Easter Parade.

[img=http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/1248/picture107vm3.th.jpg] (http://img125.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture107vm3.jpg)

Goldie fish
16th July 2006, 17:30
I can only assume its a rehash of old news.

16th July 2006, 20:00
We had one on the range with us on camp, it was definately EOD running it, Impressive looking machine.

16th July 2006, 21:17
The armourers had one on the range for last years All Army.

18th July 2006, 21:10
Here's a pic

The Blue Max
23rd July 2006, 18:11
There is a news in McKee that Artillery were meant to be getting one for Mobile Command Post i.e HQ/Command And Control Unit and to form part of Regimental Signal Post providing cover for adio net etc.. I know there people will probly know more bout this in and outs of Arty but it is basics to what i was told it was meant to be orderd this year but wasnt so we could possible see it coming into service in next year or so...

I n my opinion I could also could see it being likely employed in other corps such: In S&T,Medics,CIS and who knows what other areas.

23rd July 2006, 20:31
Presumably to replace the dinosaur that is the ACMAT.

mutter nutter
23rd July 2006, 21:10
Presumably to replace the dinosaur that is the ACMAT.

they still manufacture the acmat.

anyway,DURO's are supposed to be pretty good, go anywhere truck's

The Blue Max
23rd July 2006, 21:11
The Very One! Ha. it only got a nice coat green paint this very week ya got to love french machines they go forever!

23rd July 2006, 22:35
The ACMAT is a deathtrap (and I'm not speaking metaphorically here, she already has accounted for one life on Irish roads).

Truck Driver
24th July 2006, 14:25
Presumably to replace the dinosaur that is the ACMAT.

Thought that was the reason for the previous purchase of the DAF 4x4's for the Fd Arty Regts
... i.e; as gun towing platforms?