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mutter nutter
4th August 2006, 10:55
ok, I'm just wondering how widespread the use of atv's (quad bikes) is in the DF, I saw an Army van with a trailer that had 1 possibly 2 of them on it, on the Ennis road...and that got me curious

4th August 2006, 23:29
We have a couple in 2 bn

Goldie fish
5th August 2006, 07:17
I think gunner has photos of some of them in the army motorcycles thread...

7th August 2006, 18:06
We have a couple in 2 bn

Interesting. What's their role?

8th August 2006, 18:33
Interesting. What's their role?
s***'s and giggles probably

9th June 2008, 22:39
Got this in the mail. THought ye might be interested