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23rd May 2003, 14:54
What would be the feasability of a naval unit dedicated to the protection of the ever growing offshore exploration platforms for oil and gas which are found off our South and west Coasts?Similar to the Commachio unit that is found in the RN perhaps. There are exclusion zones around the Kinsale gas field,but little else.
Of course to do this effectively proper helis are required....
Any thoughts?

23rd May 2003, 14:57
Don't have the people or the time.

23rd May 2003, 15:02
Commachio unit now spends most of it's time in Faslane guarding the RN's nukes, it's regarded as a shitty detail nowadays.

Goldie fish
24th May 2003, 00:43
This duty is currently carried out as a matter of course by the NS,who regularly train on the rigs,and the ARW are also familiar with the layout..remember the film with Roger Moore all those years ago when the terrorists captured the rig?

24th May 2003, 15:28
North sea hijack If I remember!

Goldie fish
24th May 2005, 02:15
Sorry for digging this up...Said Movie was on TV last friday Night. Anthony Perkins playing the baddie...

24th May 2005, 12:54
Still an interesting thought but given the now depleted resources of Kinsale is it worth it?

Now this gasrig off mayo maybe a different entity...given tat it seems to be hijacked from the shore rather than the sea!...Bleeding Crusties!

31st May 2005, 01:05
Commachio has been disbanded and replaced with the Royal Marine Fleet Protection Group, besides, if something happened on one of the platforms I'm sure an excuse would be found between London and Dublin for the SBS to go in.

31st May 2005, 01:30
The RM Fleet Protection Group's (Commachio Group up to 2001) roles are the protection of Britain's nuclear weapons and parts of Joint HQ, Northwood, as well "non-complaint boardings" (ie opposed boardings). The Commachio Group lost it martime counter terrorist role to the SBS in 1987.


9th June 2005, 16:12
i always thought the protection of the rigs was up to the ARW as for being on a ship we pass close by them but i was never on one, i would say only the seariders/deltas might get any way close

mutter nutter
9th June 2005, 16:29
i always thought the protection of the rigs was up to the ARW as for being on a ship we pass close by them but i was never on one, i would say only the seariders/deltas might get any way close

From Military.ie

Specialist Aid to the Civil Power (Anti-Terrorist Tasks)

* Anti-Hijack Operations - aircraft, ferry, ship, bus, train.
* Hostage Rescue Operations.
* Airborne and Seaborne Interventions.
* Search Operations - Difficult or dangerous specialist tasks on land or at sea.
* Pursuit Operations over any terrain.
* Recapture of terrorist-held objectives - Vital Installations, Embassies, Airports, Gas & Oil Rigs, Summit venues, Broadcasting and Government facilities.
* VIP Security Operations/Close Protection of VIPs.
* Contingency Planning to Counter Terrorist/Subversive Threat

9th June 2005, 17:13
Why is that? is it different to any other rig in place at the moment?

Steamy Window
9th June 2005, 17:25
Kinsale gas field, perhaps?

Goldie fish
9th June 2005, 21:24
Kinsale gas field, perhaps?


Source of all the nations natural gas at the moment...

Goldie fish
10th June 2005, 00:53
and almost empty

Thats only a crusty lie to encourage everyone to start eating tofu and produce our own methane. The Kinsale field has a lot of life left in it yet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004 :


Old Head of Kinsale could be company maker: Petroceltic

5:37:18 PM

Shareholders in upstream oil and gas company Petroceltic heard today that its Old Head of Kinsale gas field in the Celtic Sea could be a 'company maker'.

Executive Chairman Brian Cusack said the Old Head field had similar geological characteristics to the nearby producing Kinsale Gas Field, operated by Marathon Petroleum.

It has the potential to contain gas reserves in excess of 40% of Kinsale, and the company is examining options to fast-track the development of this prospect.

Petroceltic has a 38% interest in a three-block option area in the Celtic Sea.

Following resolutions passed at the AGM, and subject to the exercise of conditional warrants, Petroceltic will have cash reserves of $15m (€12m) to pursue these and other opportunities.

"This financial strength leaves us extremely well-positioned to pursue our strategy of low-risk projects with high potential," said Mr Cusack.

Investors in the company were given an upbeat assessment on the recently completed evaluation on the Sidi Toui oil prospect in Tunisia.

Cusack said progress was "very encouraging" and said that Petroceltic anticipates drilling a well on the platform by August.

Sidi Toui is capable of holding up to 400 million barrels of recoverable light crude oil and there is a significant amount of oil in place.

Petroceltic had also recently identified a second major structure, Oryx, within its Ksar Hadada licence area in Tunisia.

Oryx is close to Sidi Toui and though smaller it has similar geological characteristics and a similar risk profile, and may be drilled by the end of the year.

Petroceltic International plc is an upstream oil and gas company registered in Ireland and is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.

The company is now focused on oil and gas exploration, development and production in North Africa and offshore Ireland in the Celtic Sea, where it has interests in the Kinsale Gas Field and nearby blocks.

Bam Bam
10th June 2005, 01:46
So no hydrogen fuel cell cars just yet then