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What abbreviations are used here?

Standard military abbreviations and acronyms are used here. Some are specific to the DFI (Defence Forces Ireland) and examples are shown below:

.5 - 12.7mm (.5 inch) Heavy Machine Gun

2 E Bde - 2 Eastern Brigade

2/Lt - Second Lieutenant

2ic - Second in Command

60 - 60mm Mortar

81 - 81mm Mortar

84 - 84mm Anti Tank Recoilless Rifle

APIHC - Armour Piercing Incendiary Hard Core

ATCP - Aid to the civil power

AUG -Armee Universal Gewehr (Steyr: translated as Universal Army Gun)

BAP - Browning Automatic Pistol

Brig Gen - Brigadier General

Capt - Captain

CEFO - Combat Equipment Fighting Order

CEMO - Combat Equipment Marching Order

CIS - Communications and Information Services Corps

CO - Commanding Officer

Col - Colonel

Comdt - Commandant

Coy - Company

Cpl - Corporal

CQB - Close Quarters Battle

CQMS - Company Quartermaster Sergeant

CRDT - Compulsory Random Drug Testing

CS - Company Sergeant

DC - Detachment Commander

DF - Defence Forces

DFHQ - Defence Forces Headquarters

DFTC - Defence Forces Training Centre

DIBUA - Defence in Built Up Areas

DOD - Department of Defence

DPM - Disruptive Pattern Material

ERRF - European Rapid Reaction Force

FAL (FN FAL) - Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle)

FCÁ - Foras Cosanta Áitiúil

FFR - Fitted For Radio

FIBUA - Fighting in Built Up Areas

FN - Fabrique Nationale

FUP - Form Up Point

G1 - Recruit (Priavte Grade 1)

Gnr - Gunner

GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun

GPMG SF - General Purpose Machine Gun Sustained Fire Role

HE - High Explosive

HEAP - High Explosive Anti Personnel

HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank

HGV - Heavy Goods Vehicle

HMG - Heavy Machine Gun

HQ - Headquarters

HQ COY - Headquaters Company

IAC - Irish Aer Corps

ic - In Command

Illum - Illumination

Inf Bn - Infantry Battalion

LDF - Local Defence Force

LMG - Light Machine Gun

LMLB - Light Mortar, Long Barrel

Lt - Lieutenant

Lt Col - Lieutenant Colonel

Lt Gen - Lieutenant General

MAG - Mitrailleuse d'Appui General (GPMG)

Maj Gen - Major General

MFC - Mortar Fire Controller

Mk - Mark

MMG - Medium Machine Gun

MOI - Method of Instruction

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NCO - Non Commissioned Officer

NS - Naval Service

NSR - Naval Service Reserve

OC - Officer Commanding

OiC - Officer in Charge

OS - Ordnance Survey

PDF - Permanent Defence Force

PLCE - Personal Load Carrying Equipment

PNCO - Potential Non Commissioned Officer

Pte - Private

QCB - Quick Changeable Barrel

RDF - Reserve Defence Force

RDFRA - Reserve Defence Force Representative Association

RDFTA - Reserve Defence Forces Training Authority

Res Inf Bn - Reserve Infantry Battalion

Rfmn - Rifleman

SDA - Security Duty Allowance

SGT - Sergeant

SINCGAR - Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

T & E - Traversing and Elevation

TOET - Test of Elementary Training

TPTP - Target Practice Tracer Projectile

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