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  • Signature rules

    Due to some people really taking the piss with their signature size and content (including people whose signature was 3-4 times the length of their posts), the IMO team have seen fit to impose some limitations.

    Size no greater than:
    16 lines small text.
    8 lines normal text.

    Images must not be larger than the equivalent of 10 lines of small text in height, and must not be so wide as to cause the page to widen at a screen resolution of 800x600.

    Embedded video.
    Animated images.
    Excessively large quotes.
    Slanderous remarks about administrators (you know who you are).

    Final decision rests with the mod/admin team. If you wish to exceed the stated specifications you must PM a mod or admin, who may or may not consider your request. If you ignore these rules, your signature may be edited or removed completely, and your ability to edit it restricted.