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  • Main Site Update


    Stage 1 of the IMO website has been released, it can be viewed at

    Stage 2 involves tidying up the images that have a place holder for them and correcting existing out of date information.

    Stage 3 is the addition of current fleet information within the DF.

    Stage 4 looks at the future plans of the DF

    Stage 5 which will be the biggest stage is a compilation of the history of the DF with which we hope to make IMO a one stop shop for any information regarding the Irish Defence Forces as far back as we can go.

    If you have any information or images to contribute to any of the stages please email the relevant email address below:

    Stage 2 information ->
    Stage 3 information ->
    Stage 4 information ->
    Stage 5 information ->

    If you are unsure of what stage the information falls into then email the address below: