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Site Upgrade and Downtime - Saturday 13th March

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  • Site Upgrade and Downtime - Saturday 13th March

    Hey all

    We have scheduled an outage on the forum to upgrade the forum and migrate it to a new server.

    More details on the new software and current known issues are on the beta thread.

    We will be keeping this thread up to date with the current status and known issues on the day.

    Estimated timeline right now is

    Early morning - Maintenance begins, site will go readonly, then offline as things progress. We are estimating we will hit the offline part around 9/10am.

    Afternoon - The new site will come back online in a readonly state. At this point the following will be the case
    * Site will be incredibility slow.
    * Numerous template issues and broken images will exist.
    * Search results will empty.
    * Signatures will be missing.
    * Post counts, like information will be empty.
    * Logins for administrators will not work, both on the admincp and the main site.
    * New user registrations will be disabled.

    As the afternoon progresses, user logins to the main forum will start working again as users are repaired. Signatures and images will all start appearing again. The site should also start returning to normal speed, hopefully settling into a faster state.

    We do not expect search results to be available again until sometime over night given how the indexing works.

    New user registration may remain broken until sometime Monday, possibly Tuesday.


    Current Status and known issues
    No outstanding known issues.

    Fixed issues - please report if still affected
    * Signatures will be missing.
    * Moderation queue is broken. Count will be off and very old entries will be showing.
    * Attachments are broken. Uploading will fail. Downloading will be intermittent.
    * Email notifications may silently fail.
    * Site is slow.
    * Search results will empty.
    * Post counts, like information will be empty
    * Numerous template issues and broken images
    * New user registrations will be disabled.

    All the outstanding issues should be solved now. There are still some additional background database issues which are causing some occasional slowdowns. These should become less as we find and fix them.
    We have re-enabled the advert on the site now as well. The new software gives a lot more control over this so we are experimenting with it being set to remain hidden for anyone who has posted in the last 30 days, which should hopefully remove the impact of it from any of the regulars.
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    thanks !
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