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  • Important Announcement-Please Read.


    Due to the problems experienced during the week and in the past with downtime,as mentioned elsewhere in this section,and the considerable Financial Penalties being imposed on the sites owners the management at IMO have decided to take the following action to reduce monthly usage(Bandwidth)

    -All members who have not posted in the last 6 months will be deleted.

    -All members who partake in Chat-Type posts will be banned,or deleted

    -All members who attach large files,or link to sites with large files to their posts will be banned.

    -Frequent users of the board will be limited to 8 hours on site a week to allow greater access from newer users.Members who visit the site for longer than their allotted 8 hours will have their account suspended,allowing access only to the Non Member sections.(This does not apply to admin and Moderation staff)

    -IMO will be closed to posting at weekends and between the peak hours of 1700-2000,but will remain open for viewing.

    We at IMO hope that you the members of this board will understand the reason and motivation for this action is for the Continued growth of this site. Financial security is the Key to this,and by supporting the store you can contribute to the continued success of IMO,and hopefully the Lifting of these harsh measures.
    In the meantime it is intended that the Storekeeper will seek to broaden the range of products available online,continuing the theme of the site to include rations,and certain other food products useful to those who engage in outdoor activities,such as Beans,Porridge,Curry Powder and Bran Flakes. This will be done through linking with TESCO and should be onstream by noon today.

    We thank you for your continued support.

    IMO Discussion Board team

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.