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    Can I request the person currently posting messages in indymedia about scorpion tanks to please desist(ie stop immediately) from providing a link to this website?

    The supporters of Indymedia,and their associated causes are not the clientele who would provide any useful input to this site,apart from spamming,as they have done in the past. Providing them with a link to here serves no useful purpose.
    Look at the "users online" section on the main page. The most users ever online (199 on Feb 16th 2003)was as a result of a coordinated spam attack by an Indymedia related site,which caused this site to crash, inconveniencing you the member of IMO.

    While we appreciate the members of IMO promoting the site on other websites,you have to admit that there are some people we are better off without. Trolling sites such as indymedia,and providing them with a link to here is just plain dumb,and destined to cause trouble. The same applies for all websites.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.