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    It has been decided that there is a need for a few rules to keep the possible problems on future shoots to a minimum.

    1) No people under 18, if anyone has any questions about this they should contact boomer for clarification.

    2) As far as the shoot to America is concerned only people who have been to one of the shoots in the past or which will be organised in the future before the trip to the states will be allowed to attend. They must demonstrate a sufficient level of maturity in order to attend. The descision on a sufficient level of maturity will be made by JPB, Fighting Irish and Boomer and their descisions WILL BE FINAL

    3) Each person is responsible for themselves, however the organising committee reserve the right to take appropriate action to maintain everyones safety at all times.

    These rules have deliberately been kept simple to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience of attending a shoot in a safe and enjoyable manner.

    These three people have been selected as they have attended all shoots organised to date and are aware of any safety requirements in force at the ranges. If you have any questions about any aspect of these rules please send an email to