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  • Paranoia

    Good Evening,

    It has come to our attention that some members are being asked not to post on this board by the Military Authorities. We would like to point out that you are doing nothing illegal by posting on this board, unless what you post is in breach of the Official Secrets Act. The OSA only applies to those that have signed it, and does not apply to Civilians

    As boomer pointed out, you may inadvertently post some illegal information on this board. If you do this, it will be deleted by a Moderator. It is what we are here for...

    From now on, for a trial period, viewing and posting in the Defence Forces category of this forum (Army, Navy, and Air Corps section) will be restricted to members only. Please do not let this disuade you from posting.

    This is under review by the Administration team, and we will let you now any developments as soon as they happen. In the meantime, please comply with board rules...

    Rest assured that we will not be giving any information about forum users to anyone.

    Best Regards,