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  • Transfer Successful

    For once the transfer of the board to a new server went off without a hitch thanks to the nonexistant planning by yours truely (previous times were planned to the letter and something went wrong)

    Just joking Everything went to plan even if it was delayed a few days

    The board is now on the new server that we have obtained as is the new chat server which can be accessed through HERE, only java chat is available at the moment and once the CGI script is modified for the new server it will also be available at the same link. For those of you using mirc please use "" (without quotes) as the server and "#irlmil" (without quotes) as the room.

    Some non board/chat elements require fine tuning so if you notice anything broken please post a message in the Bugtrak forum and followups to any issues raised will be posted there.

    Over the next few days (more than likely Saturday and Sunday) there will be a general clean up of the board in line with the announcement last week (See Here) and members will be kept informed up the progress.


    The forever improving things Admin Team