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    AS some of you have noticed through a recent post on the boards we have been the subject of a legal action due to extremely racist comments made on the boards. Despite our best efforts and defences in front of Judge P. K. Black, he has refused to believe that the individual who posted the message was not a member of the board.

    As a result of his disbelief of our defence he has decreed that we be fined for allowing the message to be posted and viewed by the general public. The fine while not yet set is expected to be in the region of hundreds of thousands of Euros. The final amount will be announced on Monday.

    In order to raise funds to cover the expected cost of the judgement which is against ALL members of IMO (not just the admins and mods) we will be obliged to obtain the sum of €5,000 from all members which totals €410,000 which we hope would provide the vast bulk of any fine expected to be levied against us.

    In addition to the above we will be placing a premium on all products sold in the store of 50% with the funds thus generated going towards meeting the fine and all legal expenses. This includes the books provided by Amazon.

    We are also examining the possibility of a pay per view charge of 1 cent per click of any and all links within the site and external to the site, this includes the links within the forums. Separate Arrangements will be made for using the CGI Based chat script, it is expected that users of MIRC and related programs will escape these charges.

    We at IMO hope that you the members of this board will understand the reason and motivation for these charges. We took this action and vigoursly defended it in the belief that we were wrong and that the Judge would see our point of view. Unfortunately he did not and we now have to deal with those consequences and hope that we can keep the board functioning in the future.

    Dublinmick and the Irish Star have agreed to put together an article outlining the grevious miscarrage of justice which has occured in the hope that it will help our defence when we appeal the descision by Judge P. K. Black

    We thank you for your continued support and we have copied this announcement to General so that you can comment on the issue.


    IMO Discussion Board Team

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