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    Submitted by Barry.
    This list is in addition to VB FAQ @

    Q: What is this place?
    A: This is (IMO), a website for those interested in the Irish Defence Forces.

    Q: Who owns it?
    A: The site is owned by Vickers. He is assisted in operating the site by the administrators and moderators.

    Q: Who are the administrators and moderators?
    A: They are a group of volunteers who run the site in their free time. That's right, they give up their time to listen to you whine.

    Q: I was listening to Rage Against The Machine, and they said free speech is great. Why don't I have free speech here? Fight the power!
    A: This is not a public soapbox. Freedom of speech does not apply. This board is privately owned and operated. If you say something that is illegal, you aren't the one in trouble, the owner of the board is.

    Q: I scanned a page out of the Steyr/Arms Drill/Footdrill/Watching paint dry manual and posted it up, but it was deleted. Why?
    A: If you look at the front page of that manual, it should say "The information in this Manual is not to be communicated directly, or indirectly, to the Press or to any person not authorised to receive it." The readership of IMO could easily include Osama Bin Laden himself, and we don't want him knowing how to do the right turn on the march, so don't post it, as the owner will be held responsible for your actions.

    Q: I decided to tell everyone where my unit is going on camp, where we were going, and what we were doing, but one of those blasted mods deleted it. Why?
    A: That is operational information. It is illegal to disclose operational information to anyone not authorised to receive it, IE Joe Public. Again, you don't know who's reading your posts, so you can't let that information get out. It comes back to getting the owner in trouble.

    Q: I made a comment, and a mod deleted it, calling it personal abuse/racism/libel.
    A: It is, and the owner, being responsible for your actions, is entitled to delete it to cover thier own backside.

    Q: Smocks, two for a Euro!
    A: Afraid not. Sale of Irish government property is illegal, and goes back to getting the owner in trouble. Same applies for giving it away.

    Q: I'm new here, and I don't know anything about the DF. What are all these things you speak of?
    A: Quite frankly, this FAQ cannot completely cover all apects of IMO, in the interest of brevity. My advice is to read over past threads and get a feeling for the community before you dive in and start posting. And use the search function.

    Q: What is the RDF?
    A: RDF stands for the Reserve Defence Forces, the reserve component of the Irish Defence Forces.

    Q: What is the PDF?
    A: PDF stands for the Permanent Defence Forces, the regular component of the Irish Defence Forces.

    Q: What is a "walter"?
    A: "Walter" is a reference to the fictional character Walter Mitty, from the series of books and the movie of the same name.

    Mr Mitty was a bit of a dreamer, and imagined several rather amazing adventures, including as a pilot and a naval commander.

    Unfortunately, they were entirely works of his mind. A similar affliction affects some members of the RDF.

    Q: What is "Gucci gear"?
    A: Gucci gear is equipment which is either unnecessary, or overly expensive. Often purchased by "Walters" (see above).

    Q: What is this "search function" the almighty Joshua seems to love talking about?
    A: Unsurprisingly, it does exactly what it says on the tin, but surpisingly it isn't varnish. It is a method of searching for key words (specified by you) in previous posts. It is best to try the search function before you ask a question, especially if the aforementioned admin is about.

    Q: What is the "IMO store"?
    A: It is an online store in affiliation with IMO. A percentage of every transaction goes to fund the site.

    Q: I love aiming my Steyr with the telescopic sight.....
    A: Don't mention the war. This debate/battle/shouting match is often fought, with some quoting manuals, some quoting dictionaries, and some talking shite. Search for "Steyr telescopic" and you'll see what I mean.

    Q: i lk txt spk
    A: No. Just no. The only acceptable form of communication on IMO is the Queen's English, with proper grammar.

    Q: 1337sp34k.
    A: That's not the Queen's English. If you spoke that around the Queen she'd probably have a stroke.

    Q: I read about this site on, and...
    A: We'll be watching you.....

    Q: I read about this site on, and....
    A: Get out.....

    Q: One night in Fentons.....
    A: We don't want to hear of your tales of drunken antics. As far as we're concerned, all members of the Defence Forces adhere to DFR A7 at all times, and we don't want to hear differently.

    Q: But he harassed me!
    A: There are well laid out courses of action for making a claim under A7/redress of wrongs, and IMO is most certainly not one of them. Speak to someone within your unit, don't go plastering it all over the internet.

    Q: Blah blah blah whine whine whine crappy kit whine.
    A: Okay, you have a problem with what kit you're issued, or rather the lack thereof. Poor baby. This affects everyone, not just you. If you want PLCE, I would advise you to go to the IMO store and buy it, it's probably the only way you'll ever own your own personal set.

    Q: One of the posters is saying things I don't agree with, but I recognise him as Pte/Gnr/Tpr/Sgn/Whatever Bloggs. I'm a Sergeant in his unit. Excellent, I think I'll make his life hell for a while.
    A: Eh, No. The IMO team don't care what rank you are, or who you are. We're all equals here, except the mods and admins, who are obviously more equal than everyone else. Anyone reported making reprisals for what is said here will be instantly banned, and is leaving themselves open for punishment under DFR A7. If you have a problem with what they post here, either report it to the admins/mods, or talk to them about it in civvie street. Do not take it into the barracks.

    Q: I wish to use a photograph posted by someone on this site can I do so?.

    A: Photographs published on IMO are not published wiht the intention of them being made available for publication. If you wish to make use of a photograph for an article you must contact the publisher of the photograph via PM or failing that through one of the mod and admin team. It is only the owner of the photograph that can or cannot say if the photograph can be used or not. It is not up to the Mod and Admin team (unless one of them are the owners of the photograph in question).

    Q: Any advice on posting in general?
    A: It's simple.

    Do what Donny Don't does & dont do what Donny Dont doesnt!

    Donny Don't does:
    Post nicely, in the correct section
    Use proper English
    Say please and thank you
    Wash his hands after going peepee
    Not break the law by asking for or posting things he shouldn't

    Donny Don't doesn't (eh?):
    Scream abuse at all and sundry for no reason
    Try to pull rank
    Run with bayonet fixed
    Make threats
    Use what is said on IMO against someone in Real Life.

    We hope you enjoy trawling the site adding to your font of wisdom. If you think that you can add to ours, "post away".
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    Q: I wish to complain about X post, how do I do it?
    A: On every single post on this site there is an icon that looks like a caution symbol ie that one, please click on it and a message will be sent to the moderators and Admins. Any other method of complaint will see you directed to this message under our complaints policy. This includes ANY letters recieved from a solicitor if this procedure has not been followed, the letter will be sent back with instructions to follow this procedure.

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