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  • Downtime...

    Guys ( & Gals)

    As you all noticed the server dissappeared on the 11th June and has been down since then. I managed to get a complete backup of the databases prior to the server vanishing and hence we have lost ZERO posts in the shift.

    For a few days prior to the Saturday I had a suspicion that there was something going to happen owing to several repeated emails about signing up for a fully paid technical support service at $150 per hour so I took the descision to organise a new server, owing to requirements in the states for a signed CCA form it took an extra few days to organise the required paperwork. In the meantime the old provider took it on themselves to suspend the server early on Saturday morning. I managed to persuade them to restore the server for two hours so that I could "fix" it, however i made the descision then to do a complete backup of EVERYTHING on the server and walk away from them. I realised that this would cause problems for some of our users but I felt at the time that it was worth it.

    As I suspected they suspended the services completely late on the Saturday night and on the Monday sent me the following email.

    This is to inform you that the account has been now

    +suspended due to their activity on the webserver. We had found the domain using

    +the IRC chat facility on our servers that was consuming the server resources to

    +ransom. We have now suspended the account and please confirm the removal of

    +software and further details so that we can re-instate the account at the

    It should be noted that there was a 1200 GB transfer a month limit and 120 GB hdd available so it beggers belief as to how we could consume server resources to ransom.

    On the Saturday evening/Sunday Morning I ran into the problem of my old Domain Registrar not accepting IP addresses for pointing to the server (ie they required Nameservers only and I didnt have any). I was advised to transfer domains to a new Domain Registry crowd who promised to look after me (and boy did they!). The old registry proceeded to be a royal pain in the ass and refuse to release the domains until Thursday the 16th.

    As this was a brand new server with no control panel software installed it took extra time to get the domains working with their accounts and this was fixed on Saturday Evening. It was then discovered that the board was not displaying while the PHP code was elsewhere. This caused much head scratching and was initially assumed to be a pathing issue (think of C:\ Drive and D:\ Drive when understanding that one). It was not until Today (Tuesday Afternoon) that it was realised that it was not a pathing issue but rather an issue with PHP and MySQL not being the best of buddies and having a major falling out.

    Once that was realised IMO was up within the hour

    Feel free to comment in General


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    I ment to include that the new server does not allow chat as a part of the T&C, I will however be making alternative arrangements within the next few days to restore chat (I have a full time job and my own new company so please bear with me).

    A small note, those of you that used for the #irlmil chatroom there are advised to run an anti-virus scan for possible virus infections, I contracted a java virus which I suspect came from them.