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    The moderators and myself wish to announce with pleasure from today to be associated with Official Defence Forces Website ,which has been considered for some time. This is in tandem with the Web hosting which Boomer will already have made you aware. The Defence forces authorites ,namely the DFPO feel the move will be mutually beneficial.
    In an effort to Make the site more reliable and user friendly,and to minimise Downtime,The site will now be affiliated with the Official Defence Forces Website ,and will be operating from the same server as the Official Website.We are the first non Official site to be affiliated with the Official Defence Forces Website ,and we are extremly proud of this fact,something which we have been hoping for and negotiating for some time.
    However in line with the increased security requirments associated with a semi official standing certain new requirments and features must be introduced. We trust that the genuine users of the board will understand that these new features are necessary considering the Improved status of the board.

    The changes will be immediate,and shall become more obvious as the day continues. The Moderators and myself look forward to a new chapter on the board. We welcome the input and assistance of the DFPO and all our new visitors.

    #Usernames: These will no longer be used,being replaced instead with an ID consisting of your initials and RSI number,to assist in identifying genuine subscribers to the board

    #Sections: Regretably some sections will have to go,as the board represents the Defence Forces opinions. General and Politics will be first to go,as it is believed that these sections in the past have shed the defence forces in a poor light,and many political views that went against the Official Government standings on Security and Foreign Policy.

    #Direct linking: Posting of images will cease,as the DoD cannot assure copyright of any images associated with the site.

    #Membership: Will be open to all,with special consideration given to those not in the Defence Forces. In an effort to improve the public profile,a special effort will be made to encourage membership from those not normally associated with military activity,particularly those normally unfavourable towards military matters,such as the Green party,AFRI,and the Irish Anti war movement. Your co-operation on this matter would be greatly appreciated,in an effort to welcome these people to the site. We intend to notify shese groups through use of the Indymedia network of websites.

    #Military service: Matters related to military service of individuals,including stories of past or current events,will not be permitted on the new site.

    #Avatars: It is intended that avatars will be replaced with a Passport Photo style image of the member.

    NOTE TO MESSAGE FORUM USERS The DFPO wishes, in the best interests of all its users - both present and future, to provide suitable content both via the homepage and in the message forums. Therefore it is necessary to implement tighter restrictions on the content posted by board members. These restrictions on postings will be implemented immediately. Please remember you are always traceable on the internet.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.